Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr. Datastorm lives!
A couple of days ago, we visted an Internet Store that had a HughesNet satellite dish on its roof. While we were online in this store, we took a peek at the satellite that they were using. It was SatMex 6, the same satellite that Mr. Datastorm uses. Wow!

That got us to thinking that maybe, we might not have an equipment problem. Maybe we were just too far south and west for awhile, outside the "footprint" of SatMex 6.

There was another problem. Our HughesNet modem would not boot up without tripping its tiny "Rescue" switch. But when the "Rescue" switch was tripped, that de-commissions the modem. What a dilemma! Anyway, we decided to go ahead and trip the Rescue switch, boot up the modem and attempt to re-commission the modem.

Recommissioning is quite a detailed process. I won't get into all of those details here, but it takes about 1/2 an hour to do it. And as you know now, Mr. Datastorm made a successful re-commission!

Mr. Datastorm was on-the-job all day yesterday. We wanted to tell you all about Mr. Datastorm right away. But decided to wait a bit, because it was not clear whether there would be another modem failure. But it looks AOK for Mr. Datastorm !

Hurray for our fantastic Mr. Datastorm!
Linksys wireless router, Motosat D2 Controller and HughesNet HN7000S modem.

Going to Guatemala?
Several readers have written email wondering if this trip in Mexico might also take The Team into the Country of Guatemala? We have thought a lot about Guatemala too. However, it does not look like Guatemala is "in the cards" for this trip.

We have thought a lot about other countries though! We would LOVE to take MsTioga to other countries and search for adventure. It would cost a $fortune$ though. And our finances would be blown to smithereens!

9AM to 3:30PM - Museum of Oaxaca.
It turns out that our Camp Oaxaca is within several blocks of the Museum of Oaxaca. Wow! That is really something.

Our neighbor is a man who has an office across the street from Camp Oaxaca. We asked him where the museum was located, and if we needed to take a taxi there. He is the person who told us that walking was fine, and that the museum was close.

We get the impression that the City of Oaxaca has a lot of cultural things going on. As Little Mavicito and I approached the museum, a band concert was just finishing a John Phillips Sousa march!

The Museum of Oaxaca is located in what used to be a convent. The museum and the Santo Domingo Church are adjacent to each other.
Museum of Oaxaca [L] and Santa Domingo Church.

The ornate Iglesia Santa Domingo.

The entrance fee for the museum is $48 pesos and we paid another $50 pesos for an audio guide in English [$9.80US total]. The museum is in a building which surrounds a large courtyard.
Museum courtyard.

Artifacts recovered from Monte Albán.
By far, the one outstanding thing for Little Mavicito and myself was the room containing artifacts recovered from the ancient Monte Albán site that we visited yesterday!

We will let the the Monte Albán exhibit speak for itself.
Solid gold breast plate.

Translucent drinking cups.

Stone carving with flowery head piece.

Stone carving sticking its tongue out!

Clay pottery with smiling face.

Actual human skull decorated with tourquoise shells.

5PM - A woid about Boid.
Little Boid is learning to be unafraid of my hand. Every morning in order to feast on his seeds, Boid has to put fear aside and fly on to my hand.

Lately, I have been putting my finger close to Boid's seeds as he is eating, and he has to actually touch my finger with his head in order to eat his seeds.

Boid and I practice finger jumping. While Boid is standing on one of my fingers, I move my finger away from the seeds and Boid has to jump on a finger of my other hand to continue feasting.

Pretty neat, huh?
A Boid in the hand is worth two in the bush!

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