Friday, March 21, 2008

Our 2004 trip plan!
As the year of 2004 began, I pretty much knew that I was not making it financially, and would have to get a job to make ends meet. This morning at breakfast I was looking for something in my old notebook, and stumbled upon the handwritten 2004 trip plan in the pic below.

The scan of this 2004 trip plan is not too clear, but you may be able to see that during the months of November, December, 2004 and January, 2005; I was planning on working 480 hours @ $8/hour net in order make $3,840. I guess that this is the amount that I figured necessary in order to pay the bills.

Goes to show how things don't always work out according to plan. During the month of April, 2004, Reader Bob Hale encouraged me to try Google AdSense to earn income. On April 18, 2004, I placed my first AdSense ads on my blog page. That day I earned $17.93 from AdSense.

By the time the beginning of November rolled around and I was supposed to be working at a job, I had already earned $2,013.77 from AdSense. Wow! Also, during the following three months of November, December and January, I earned an additional $3,025.50 from AdSense.

As you may know, I never got that $8/hour job. My life as a fulltime RVing vagabond has been glorious!

My 2004 Trip Plan.
Note the big "X" which canceled out those working months!

Maintenance day!
Today we have decided to do three maintenance chores. The first chore is water heater maintenance. This is an annual chore, and was scheduled for last June! [would you believe?!] We are a few months late!

We got out the Atwood water heater's manual, and read over the maintenance section. Not too hard. Check the relief valve. Drain water from the tank until the water runs clear. Check the flame and the electrcal connections. Clean up the heater compartment.

We removed each electric connector, and sprayed with Caig DeOxit. We love that Caig stuff.
Jorge doing water heater maintenance.

Slide out latch repair job.
The second chore is to repair the latch which secures Señorita Tioga's large slideout drawer. The latch bolt goes into a hole in the door frame. The frame cracked, so we are repairing that part of the frame with a block of wood that is placed above the frame.

We are able to fabricate up or repair just about everything that we need using our onboard tools and supplies. We have a ton of stuff for projects like this.

The pics below show a hole being drilled into the block of wood and the completed job with the bolt secured in the new wood block.

Also, we have a pic of an observant watcher who curiously looks at everything being done!
Drilling hole in wood block for the latch.

Latch bolt secured in new wood block.

Curious Boid watches from inside Señorita Tioga.

Checking solar panel cable connections.
The third and final chore for today is to check Mr. Sunny's solar panel cable connections. The junction boxes are located on the bottom of the solar panels. So, we have been looking for a building to lean the panels against in order to have access to these boxes.

We found such a building just across from our Camp! The company that is inside this building is closed today for Good Friday.

Señorita Tioga very carefully positioned herself close to this building. Then the panels were lifted up and leaned against the building's wall.

When the first junction box was opened, a cable was found completely loose! However, we may have done that ourself, when lifting the panel to lean against the wall. The cable was strained a bit during lifting. All of the connectors in the junction boxes were checked and tightened. Most needed a little tightening!
Solar panels leaning against the building.

Do you see the loose black cable end?

A perfect day!
What makes a day, a perfect day? For me, today was perfect for soooooo many reasons!

The Sun at noon was almost directly over my head. It is the middle of summer here in Southern Mexico, and it is T-shirt and short pants weather. Not too hot today, only 82°F at its warmest!

My camp is in a quiet neighborhood, yet the Wal*Mart is just around the corner. I strolled to the giant store this afternoon and shopped. It was tranquil inside the usually bustling Wal* Mart, because today is Good Friday. I bought some cleaned and cooked shrimp and an avocado to make guacamole for supper.

My health is wonderuful. I have no pains. Not even one! My appetite is very good. I had a nice pancake and egg breakfast, yet I am hungry for supper this afternoon.

Little Boid is a delight. As I am typing this post, Boid has discovered his reflection in the glass of the large clock in the dining room. He is able with his strong feet, to hang upside down over the clock and look at "the other bird" in his reflection. He is soooooo cute!

This evening I ate my shrimp supper while listening to George Frideric Handel's "Messiah." But not just any Messiah. This Messiah is a production for children. Just my cup of tea! It is called"
Hallelujah Handel!
Angels in the Opera House

I love this production soooooo much. Maybe because in my heart, I am still a child!

The music below is not from "Angels in the Opera House." However it is Handel!

Request: If you have had a perfect day too, would you share with everybody what made your day perfect? Please post in the ShoutBox!


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