Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sunrise - Punta No Mas Sur!
Little Mavicito and I walked out on the beach of Puerto Escondido before Sunrise. I went down to the Pacific Ocean's edge where Little Mavicito captured me standing. We want to mark "Punta No Mas Sur" [our most southerly point]. From this point on, Señorita Tioga and The Team will be traveling north.

As you may know, when we entered Mexico at the beginning of last December, it was not clear how deep into Mexico would be our journey.

We like it that way. No firm plans. Everyday a new and exciting surprise!
Jorge stands at Punta No Mas Sur.

11:30AM - San Pedro Mixtepec.
We have stopped in the Town of San Pedro Mixtepec to fill up at the Pemex, and buy some food at a grocery in El Centro.

Getting here to San Pedro Mixtepec is a long climb into the Sierra Madre del Sur. Most of the Sierra Madres [a mountain range] remain to be climbed as we continue north.
Señorita Tioga at San Pedro Mixtepec.

I bought some fruit in the market that you see in the pic above on the left side of the road. A cut up banana and some strawberry yogurt seem good for a meal.

As I am eating, a man and burro walk by. The burro is loaded with firewood.
Man with burro hauling firewood.

The Spanish word "sierra".
The word "sierra" often is misunderstood in maps of the United States. Sierra in English means "saw" as in "hand saw." Sierra in Spanish also means "mountain range."

In our Automobile Club [AAA] map, the Sierra Madre range in California is titled "Sierra Madre Mountains." Translated into English, this would be "Mother Mountains Mountains." Apparently, the map maker did not understand Spanish, thus repeating the word "mountains" twice.

2PM - San Gabriel Mixtepec.
When Señorita Tioga reached the summit pass, Mr. DeLorme took an altitude reading. We were at the 3,047 foot elevation. This has been quite a haul up the Sierra Madres, and we want to find our Nite Camp.

When we come to the Pueblo of San Gabriel Mixtepec, Little Mavicito takes a pic from up the road to show you what this mountain town looks like.
View of San Gabriel Mixtepec from the highway south of town.

A bit farther on, Señorita Tioga found her Nite Camp in a vacant lot about 300 meters from El Centro. We asked permission to stay the nite in this lot from our neighbor who is a mechanic. The guys at the nearby store tell us that there are three internet stores in El Centro!

An American name Norman who lives here in town fulltime, drives up on a motorscooter. We talk for about an hour about stuff going on here in this pueblo.

In the pic below, you see Mr. Datastorm at our Nite Camp. His antenna is up and he is trying sooooooo hard to find SatMex5, which is his satellite. But Mr. Datastorm is unable to go online!
Our Nite Camp in San Gabriel Mixtepec next to the highway to Oaxaca.

10PM - Barking dogs move our Nite Camp.
Several dogs decided to take exception to Señorita Tioga being in the neighborhood. So, we moved down the road a little and are now Nite Camped at the edge of a large soccer field. This Camp is also a little farther from the highway.

Being away from the barking dogs and farther from the highway makes it much, much quieter for sleeping.


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