Friday, March 07, 2008

Tacos without veggies?
Last nite in the Town of Rio Grande, I went looked at a few taquerias for dinner. They all were the same. Tacos with beef or pork meat, served in a rolled up tortilla. The rolled up tortilla is unusual, because all tacos so far have been only folded. However, tacos in Rio Grande are not served with veggies to fill up the taco. Only a few radishes!

Perhaps that is why the tortilla is rolled up?! There are no veggies to fill the taco! Where are the cucumbers? The shredded cabbage? The fresh salsa with chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro?! Wow!
Taqueria without veggie in Rio Grande.

9AM - Looking for breakfast.
So, this morning I had my eye out for a nice breakfast. A breakfast with lots of veggies! That's when we came upon Restaurant La Laguna. I took a peek into the kitchen, and it was nice and clean.

My breakfast consists of shrimp fried with garlic. A nice salad with fresh lime for a dressing. And fresh salsa, with tomatoes, onion and cilantro. Just what I wanted!

What a nice place is Restaurant La Laguna! Located at the side of a huge lagoon, loaded with many different kinds of birds.

Boid loves this place, and is sooooooo excited to be here!
This wild bird and Boid looked at each other for a long time!

View of lagoon from my table in the restaurant.

10:30AM - Puerto Escondidio.
We are now in the Town of Puerto Escondido. Escondido means "hidden" in Spanish. The port does not look hidden to Little Mavicito! Señorita Tioga drove to a nice overlook place to capture the pic below.
Overlook to beach/hotel area where we are Camped.

We have made our Camp at the edge of a small hotel strip, adjacent to the beach. This is a tourist spot, and their are many tourists at the shops, restaurants and on the beach.
This pic of the hotel strip is taken from our Camp.

Many young women on the beach are sunbathing without their tops! Wow! But Little Mavicito being shy about such things, does not take pics of those ladies!
Beach strip. We see mostly tourists here on this beach.

12:30PM - Internet/Surf Shop.
Ms. GQ and I are publishing our blog from the "Internet/Surf" shop just across from the beach. It is not too difficult publishing our blog without Mr. Datastorm. Just a few adjustments, here and there.

We have not canceled our Datastorm/HughesNet subscription, because we are hopeful Mr. Datastorm will begin working before we reach the USA again.
Internet store in Puerto Escondido.

3PM - On the beach.
Little Mavicito, Boid and I went out on the beach. We found a nice shady ramada. A ramada is like a palapa, except square or rectangular and like a palapa has a palm leaf covered roof.

We all watched the beach scene, and the beautiful waves. I bought an orange soda, and sipped it while enjoying everything.
Boid and Jorge-on the beach.

5:30PM - Watching a movie.
Onboard Señorita Tioga, we have a bunch of movies on CD. Ms. GQ, our laptop computer, is used to view these movies. However, Ms. GQ's sound system is not powerful enough with two very tiny speakers. It is a struggle to listen.

This evening it dawned on us that our XM Radio's output cable might work with Ms. GQ's sound input. And guess what? It does!!

The sound from movies is so great now, because the sound goes thru Señorita Tioga's 6-speaker sound system. We watched the beginning of "Something's Gotta Give", a love story comedy starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, and it was sooooooo easy to hear.
Ms. GQ is like a tiny movie theater now.

6PM - Second story view.
The Sativa Restaurant is close by our Camp. They have second story balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I went to look at the sunset from their balcony.

It is a gorgeous evening. I ordered a bottle of water with a glass of ice and sipped, as the Sun slowly set into the Pacific Ocean.
Sipping ice water in Puerto Escondido.

Puerto Escondido sunset from Sativa Restaurant/Bar balcony.

8PM - "Something's Gotta Give."
I returned to our Camp to watch the rest the movie. It is a wonderful romance. I love to watch a good love story. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are fantastic in the story of love, heartbreak and happy ending. I've watched this movie several times.

With the movie's audio now going thru Señorita Tioga's sound system, it is great to listen to as well.


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