Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TiogaRV Team Budget Information
If you are interested in our financial costs of RVing, just this morning our online budget report has been greatly revised and I believe improved.

Miscellaneous expenses which lumped all remaining items not listed, is now 1/2 of what it was before. These changes give a much better picture of what is going on.

One thing that the current report shows that is spectacular, is that Google AdSense income is now more than my Social Security income. Isn't that something? Support from readers like yourself has made this income jump possible.

The Budget Report may be found in the "Behind The Scenes" link off our Home Page, or just click [Here].

How did I end up with only Social Security?
You may wonder when you read my financial/budget report, how I ended my working life with only Social Income. No retirement income, etc.

In 1985, I owned and operated two successful fast food restaurants and lived in a lovely home in Walnut Creek, California. I had money in the bank, retirement IRAs. It looked to me then, as though I was set financially for the rest of my life!

That year, my 21 year marriage with Evie ended in divorce. I went into a 10 year long depression and funk. During much of this time I was not working, and gambled a lot with options in the stock market [very, very risky stuff].

When I came back to life in 1995, I had lost everything that I had worked a lifetime to accumulate. I had had assets less than zero. I got a job as an apprentice cabinet maker in 1996, and lived like a monk, saving nearly every cent that I could. I invested in the stock market during the time of the Great Financial Bubble of the 1990s and made a $bundle$.

In March, 2000, just about the time the Great Financial Bubble was about to burst, I sold every stock that I owned. That is how I was able to purchase for $cash$, MsTioga and all of the equipment that I have onboard.

When I got cancer the following year in 2001, I was living in an inexpensive apartment in Concord, California. I dreamed about RVs all the time. Never thought that I could ever buy one, because I did not believe that I had enough money. But getting cancer and surviving changed that thinking. After cancer, I was willing and able to take risks with my life, in order to achieve my dreams.

Now, you know the rest of the story!

9AM - Morning chat with Moses.
After breakfast, I walked across the road to chat with Moses. There was a loud speaker blaring out advertisements in the distance. A lady had been loudly talking since 6AM!

"Why do you permit that woman to talk so loud at 6AM?", I asked.

"Sometimes she starts at 5AM", replied Moses.

"How does she get away with it?", I wondered.

"She pays the presidente", said Moses making a "card dealing" motion with his hands.

Moses told me that when his daughter got married, he sold her half his property where she now lives. Her husband works on a nearby ranch driving farm machinery. The husband works about five hours a day, and part of his pay is given in hay [which he harvests himself]. His daughter sells that hay for a living.

While we talked his daughter who he calls "Mija" [an affectionate term meaning "sweetheart, baby, honey" ] was doing the wash in the backyard laundry [that I told you about yesterday].
Mija doing the laundry in the yard.

A hay customer drove up with a couple of bulls pulling a cart, and began loading hay bales. Mija's hay business is doing good!
One of Mija's hay customers.

10AM - Heading east.
We left the little poblado of Niltepec, and headed west on the highway. When we arrived in the Town of Zanatepec, we spotted a pollo azado stand, and walked over to take a peek.

I have to admit, that I am a real lover of pollo asado [BBQ chicken] here in Mexico. Some pollo asado stands really know how to do it right. I don't just buy a chicken. I go up and take a sample.

This stand's chicken is wonderful, and I bought a whole chicken cut up into little easy-to-eat parts. I've been nibbling chicken ever since. I just cannot stop!
Pollo asado stand in Zantepec.
[Excuse the terrible contrast in this pollo pic. Too much light from the background!]

Roads are really good.
There is a lot of $dough$ being put into the highways in this part of Mexico. We are going thru a big project, widening and modernizing this highway.

This project is using modern asphalt laying equipment too, unusual in Mexico where labor is so inexpensive.
Recently laid highway. Road striping is yet to come.

Crossing into the State of Chiapas.
Señorita Tioga is climbing the Sierra Madre de Chiapas range. We come to a place where there is a large sign over the highway announcing the border of Chiapis.

We are leaving the State of Oaxaca.
Welcome to Chiapas!

1PM - Nite Camped at the Pemex.
We have traveled a whole 49 miles today! Time to make a Nite Camp. Señorita Tioga and The Team are in the tiny Poblado of Rizo de Oro in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas range.

Climbing this afternoon in these mountains, has brought The Team to the 2,645 foot elevation. It is much cooler here than the past few days, and much, much less humid. Last nite it did not get below 80°F during the nite!

We recall staying overnite in a Pemex once before. That was the time when we got lost in the City of Tijuana.
Pemex Camped in the Sierra Madres.


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