Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Israel: T - 2 Days!

6:30AM - Why two days in Miami?
Reader Steve wrote asking, "Why are you staying two days in Miami and not flying thru to Israel?"

That's a great question! An extra day is needed to transfer everything from Ms. GQ, our old laptop to our new Sony VAIO laptop computer. Ms. GQ was purchased in October, 2005, and is literally falling apart. Several screws from inside Ms. GQ have dropped out during the past couple of months. A very bad thing. Ms. GQ's keyboard has worn away, and several keys have no description. And finally, the four directional arrow keys don't work anymore.

Also, Ms. GQ does not operate fast enough in today's demanding computer environment.

Sony VAIO.
Yes! We bought a new laptop computer from
Sony VAIO VGN-NR330E/S 15.4" Laptop 1.73 GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core T2370 Processor, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, Vista Premium

This Sony VAIO was shipped to reader/friends Jim & Chris Guld, known as "Geeks on Tour" [link]. Jim & Chris are here in the Miami area visiting with their family.

9:30AM to 2:30PM - Transferring files.
Jim Guld has hooked up a cable between our old laptop and the new Sony laptop. However, there are problems. The connection is sort of flakey. We decide to go with a purchased software names "PC Mover." This software seems to work.

Jim working on the file transfer
between the old and new laptop.

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Jerusalem, Israel
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Israel: T - 3 Days!

2AM - Too excited to sleep!
Man-O-Man! Mimi & Jonna will pick me up at 10am for the trip to the airport in Cancun. There I will board Mexicana Airlines flying to Miami. And here it is, 2AM, and I am too excited to sleep!

This evening, all the usable food in Mr. Dometic was given to Mimi & Jonna. Even all of the frozen chocolate chip cookie balls. Then, Mr. Dometic was defrosted and cleaned up.

All that remains to be done is to give MsTioga a good carpet cleaning with Mr. Breeze, our little tank type vacuum cleaner.

A new backpack!
Yesterday after saying good bye to Boid at Kathy & Jamie's palapa in PalMul, I drove to Office Depot in Playa del Carmen. Office Depot has a really neat backpack with a zillion compartments, wheels for rolling along a sidewalk and a handle that extends from the top.

This backpack is really comfortable on my back too. I was going to use a "soft" backpack, but that proved not a good idea. Not enough compartments in the soft backpack, and the thing sagged when it was on my back.

Jerusalem weather sticker.
Guess what?! We just added a Jerusalem weather sticker to our blog. Look below and you may find it. Jerusalem weather is looking good!AM

10AM - Ready to go!
In the pic below, I am waiting for Jonna & Mimi to pick me up at MsTioga's Camp. As you may see, I am carrying the new backpack that has wheels.

MsTioga will remain Camped here unless a hurricane comes along. In that case, Mimi & Jonna will move MsTioga out of harm's way!
Ready to go to the airport in Cancun.

11:45AM - Cancun airport.
There is a big line for the Mexicana Airlines check-in. However, the line moves steadily, and in about 20 minutes, I am at the counter. Then a glitch comes up.

I have NOT been assigned a seat by Cheap Tickets. So, it seems as though all passengers with assigned seats must be checked in, and then I may get a seat assignent.

I wait somewhat anxiously near the check-in counter. After about 1/2 hour I am given a boarding pass. Wow! I was a little worried for a bit!

4:15PM - Miami, Florida!
The Mexicana Airlines flight takes off at 1:45PM Cancun time. This is a 1.5 hour flight, but we cross a time zone and arrive in Miami 4:15PM.

A rental car beast is waiting for me. After phoning for a pickup, the rental car shuttle van comes by to take me to the off airport rental lot. The rental beast is a Nissan Sentra that costs $87 for the two days.
Flying over Miami.

6PM - La Quinta Inn.
Mr. DeLorme [GPS] and Ms. GQ guide me to the La Quinta Inn where I'll spend two nites. My room has a BIG desk with a nice chair. And guess what else it has?!

A high speed internet connection! Man-O-Man!
At the La Quinta Inn.

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Jerusalem, Israel
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Israel: T - 4 Days!

7AM - Going commando!
My good reader/friend Terry Taylor described my way of traveling with only the clothes on my back as, "Going commando!" Wow! I love that.

I am now living completely out of my packs. Don't want to forget anything. Even when writing everything down, something may be missed. By living out of my 3-packs [while still here with MsTioga], I reduce the chance of leaving something behind.

In the pic below, are my three packs. The backpack. The belly pack. And Little Mavicito's belt back! Do I look commando? Hmmmmm?

Commando George!

9:30AM - Bye, bye Boid.
I borrowed Jonna & Mimi's Toyota pickup to take Little Boid to PaaMul where he will be living with Kathy, Jamie and the kids. You met this family a few days ago when Boid paid them a visit.

Taking a chance on love! Wow!
I love Little Boid. He and I have a thing together. And now I am going off and leaving Boid behind. Did I make a mistake when I took Boid into my life, and now into my heart?

It is my belief that I have to take a chance on love. Yes, it hurts to leave Boid behind. Breaks my heart. You know something? If I had to do it all over again, I would take Boid into my life and into my heart again!

In the pic below, I am telling Boid that I will be back soon.
Good bye Little Boid.

5PM - Supper with Jonna & Mimi.
Both Jonna & Mimi have treated MsTioga and The Team to the very best time!

We are always welcome at their wonderful condo home. They found MsTioga a place to Camp, and a home for Little Boid. Loaned snorkel gear so that I am able to look at the fishes in the bay. Wow! We are soooooo grateful. Thank you, Jonna & Mimi.

The three of us went out for a going-away supper. The restaurant was open air and right next to the Bay of Akumal.
Jonna, George & Mimi [L-R].

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Israel: T - 5 Days!

10AM - Knocking off the punch list!
This morning, knocking off punch list items is high on the agenda. A punch list is a construction term and is a list of things to do to complete a project.

Some of these punch list items are:
  • Charging MsTioga's starting battery.
  • Checking solar battery bank.
  • Paying rent for MsTioga to stay at Akumal [$5/day]
  • Giving Jonna & Mimi written authorization to drive MsTioga
Of course, snorkeling in the bay is high on the agenda too!

Note to Gene Fischer in Wyoming
The name of the Dometic dealer in Casper, Wyoming is: Rec-Vee Service and Supply
My emails to you are not going thru.

1PM - Tacos in the jungle.
Two gorgeous salmon patty tacos were prepared for lunch. Also, a nice salad with 2000 Island Dressing. While eating lunch, the sounds of the breeze moving the palm leaves just outside MsTioga's window are heard. Blows me away!

Our Camp is at the edge of the jungle. Little Mavicito was looking out at the jungle and decided to show you what we see. Little Mavicito used all of his mighty Nikon powers to make this difficult shot for you.
Our Camp at the edge of the jungle.

4PM - Snorkeling with the fishes.
This will likely be my last snork in Akumal Bay. So, I am going to go way out near the reef. Mimi captured this pic of me so that I would be able to share with you!

Thank you, Mimi!
George in Akumal Bay.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Israel: T - 6 Days!

7:30AM - Hilario Hiler comes to call.
I'd just put Boid in his cage to hang from the palm tree. A man walking by stopped to say "Hi" to Boid.

His name is Hilario Hiler. His work is being a guide and writer. Hilario has lived here in Akumal for 15 years. His home is in the top story of the condo next to our Camp. Hilario asked me if I would like to look at a book that he helped prepare.

The book is, "The Modern Maya" by Macduff Everton. In this book, I found Hilario's story fascinating. Perhaps this view into the life of the ancient Mayan people has not been addressed before? And so, I am sharing a few pages in the pics below.

Hilario Hiler today in Akumal.

Explore Yucatan's
Sacred Spaces
NOTE: Are you the kind of person who would enjoy a trip to the jungle ruins of Mujil-Chunyaxche and Sian Ka'an which features a diversity of ecosystems: sea, cenotes, jungle, mangrove, marsh, savanna, and lagoons renowned for bird and butterfly observation?

If this is you, then give Hilario Hiler a phone call. Get a personalized family tour. An adventure of a lifetime! (+52) 984-87-59066.

3PM - Cabover clearance lites leak free.
Once last summer while driving somewhere in the western United States, MsTioga was in a cloud burst. The rain came down soooooo heavy! For maybe 10-15 minutes the torrent continued. MsTioga could not drive in such weather. We could not see thru the windshield one bit!

After the rain stopped, water was found in the cabover. Our equipment manuals are kept inside the cabover cabinet in a plastic tub Those manuals got very wet.

There is a screw anchor in the front of each cabover clearance lite to secure the fixture and electrically ground the circuit. We believe that those anchors are where the water leaked in. Yesterday we sealed those anchors with epoxy. The rear screw holding the clearance light fixture was sealed with mastik adhesive.

After the five clearance lite fixtures were re-installed, we ran water over the fixtures for about 1/2 hour. No leaks were found!
Do you like the look of MsTioga's re-installed clearance lites?

4PM - Touching up exterior paint.
MsTioga got her 3-color paint job in 2007 at Jose's Fiberglass shop. That was in the City of ConstituciĆ³n in Baja California del Sur. Do you remember that time? Hmmmmm?

We are taking this opportunity to touch up the nicks that have occurred since then. We have three little buckets of paint, one for each color. The paint has thickened up, and needs to be thinned out. But the paint is usable, and does a nice job.

Supper time - Am I going to miss MsTioga?
Tuesday morning when Jonna and Mimi drive me to Cancun for my flight to Miami, I will be leaving MsTioga. And I will not return to MsTioga until the last days of August, four months from now.

Since I brought MsTioga home on February 25, 2003, I have never left her. I've slept in different beds for a short while, but MsTioga was always close.

When my life as a Vagabonder-Supreme began, I had no idea what adventures were before me. No idea what changes would be happening in my life, my emotions, my self-discovery. Beyond my wildest dreams. And it all happened in this tiny home that MsTioga provides for me.

Am I going to miss MsTioga? You bet I am! I love MsTioga. We are pals.
I will definitely miss
MsTioga's kitchen!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Israel: T - 7 Days!

9AM - A backpack for Israel.
A few weeks ago, I made the decision to only carry a backpack with me on my flight to Israel. In the pack I will carry things most important. Laptop computer, Little Mavicito, rechargeable batteries and charger. Stuff like that. Clothing that I need I'll buy in Israel.

This morning I began to fill the pack. As I put stuff into the pack, my journey to Israel struck me. And for awhile, I was brought to tears!

I am soooooo happy!
Showing the pack to Baby Boid.

3PM - Kicking back on the Mayan Riviera.
They call this coast of the Carribean the "Mayan Riviera." And I am a very lucky guy to be here. Most of the work preparing for my trip to Israel is done. Now I am down to a punch list of less than 10 items. None of them critical.

This morning there was time for snorkeling in the bay. And for making a batch of salmon patties. On MsTioga's roof, anchors for the clearance lights are being locked down with epoxy.

We are mellowed out and kicking back on the Mayan Riviera.
Salmon patties.

Clearance light anchors
being locked down with epoxy.

4PM - Back in the bay.
Does it seem as though I am living the life of a zillionaire here on the Mayan Riviera? I sure feel like a zillionaire! Rooms around here in Akumal go for $180 - $220/nite and in Playa del Carmen maybe more. Wow!

Boid and I went back to the bay. Boid stayed on a little table sitting on the white sandy beach. I went out snorkeling looking for giant turtles, manta rays and fish.
Boid on the beach.

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