Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10AM - The sky may be bright!
Hi everybody! This is Ms. GQ typing and publishing at you. Jorge and Little Mavicito are up on La Señorita's roof capturing a video right now. Earlier Jorge had been messing around with Little Boid and chatting up a storm with Kathe. That's why our blog is soooooo late today!

I volunteered to go online and let you know what's going on, so you wouldn't worry. Also, I would like you to know, that the weather is changing. Today may be a bright sunshiny day. The last two days have been cloudy and rainy.

3PM - Maricasa Video!

5PM - Señorita wants to stay at Chetumal Bay!

Yesterday Little Boid flapped his baby boid wings at Kathe, and she fell for him. And then this morning, Boid landed on Kathe's head, his way of asking for his seeds.

Well, Kathe could not resist all of this affection. Baby Boid and Señorita had worked their way into Kathe's heart. Wow!

Kathe has invited Señorita and The Team, especially Baby Boid, to live at her home at Maricasa when Jorge, Little Mavicito and Ms. GQ head out for Israel.

We have accepted this wonderful, fabulous, kind and generous offer!

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