Thursday, April 10, 2008

11:30AM - Published Part #3 of Custom Domain story.
I've just published Part #3 of my Custom Domain story in my Weekly Story column. This Custom Domain story may only be useful to a few readers. However, if you have struggled with this challenge, as I have struggled, you may find this info a great help!

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4:30PM - Silvituc.
The Poblado of Silvituc is located a short distance south of Mexico Hwy #186. A large lake or reservoir fronts the west side of this Poblado. However, there is no development of the lake resource. So, La SeƱorita is not able to park near the lake. Too steep.

We have made our Nite Camp in what may be El Centro. Hard to tell, because there is not much development here either! It is a sleepy town.
Looking west toward the lake from El Centro.

Our El Centro Nite Camp in the Poblado de Silvituc.

Driving idea from Mexico.
I've noticed a Mexican driving practice that I'd like to share with you. In Mexico, very often when making a left turn, the turn begins in the right lane! This right hand beginning offers a lot of advantages:
  • "U" turns are a lot easier to make from the right lane, than from the left.
  • On a 2-lane highway, beginning a left turn off the roadway on the right, does not stop the traffic passing by, stacking up behind the turning vehicle. And, the vehicle turning left may wait off the roadway for all traffic to clear, then complete the turn.

10PM - Rock 'n Roll !
Toward the end of February, we drove out of range of the XM Radio signal. No more music. No more Rock 'n Roll !

We have taken to turning on the XM lately, on the chance that we would be able to pick up some music at nite, when radio signals are stronger. Wow! Stevie Wonder just came on. Then Janis Joplin.

Music of the '70s. Rock 'n Roll ! Man-O-Man! We are back!

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