Thursday, April 03, 2008

5AM - The Radio Shack fan solution.
You may recall in yesterday's blog post, Ms. GQ had an overheating problem. Several times, Ms. GQ shut down, because her insides became too hot.

Trying to open up Ms. GQ is just too difficult. Also, we are not sure what we will find inside. So, we gave up trying to repair Ms. GQ.

However, we have a Radio Shack 12 volt DC electric fan onboard. It is a fan designed to cool down a computer. Wow! Isn't it lucky to have such a fan available?

6:30AM - Hooking up the fan.
Preparing 22 gauge wires to hook up this fan to Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank beneath the computer station, was easy. A 2 amp fuse was placed in the positive wire. An access door on the bottom of Ms. GQ was removed, and the fan was taped over this access.

So far, Ms. GQ has been running for a couple of hours. She has never been this cool before in her entire life!
Radio Shack fan solution.

8:30AM - Breakfast with Sandra!
I made a wonderful omelette breakfast for us both. Sandra loves my fried potatoes! We had a little fruit bowl each with mandarin slices topped with strawberry yogurt!

Little Boid was very entertaining, begging Sandra for seeds. Boid is now comfortable, sitting on Sandra's hand, eating his seeds!
Jorge and Sandra at breakfast!

1PM - Frontera Colozal.
We are headed out of the Poblado de Frontera Colozal, and driving toward the archaeological site of Bonampak.

Sandra has asked to remain with The Team, as far as the City of Palenque, northwest of here. Of course everybody on The Team answered, "Yes!" Especially Little Boid, who has taken up a good friendship with Sandra!

2PM - Bonampak.
The archaeological site of Bonampak is located a short distance from the highway. We park Señorita at the entrance to the park, and drive with several other visitors to the site in one of the aging Chevy buses operated by the local community who live here.

A winding path leads from the beginning of the site to the location of the stone structures which make up ancient Maya Bonampak.
The path to Bonampak.

As the view of Bonampak opens up, we see the entire site. The important structures are on the right side of the pic below, still in the distance.
First view of Bonampak.

Steles are the most revered strutures at Bonampak. In the pic below, is Stela #1 representing ruler Chaan Muan II at the height of his reign.
Stela of Chaan Muan II.

In front of the Muan II stela, is the most amazing part of Bonampak. Stairs and buildings constructed into the terraced hill that existed before this ancient Mayan site.
Bonampak's main structure, rising to the sky.

View of the pic above from the second tier.
Second tier of Bonampak.

A remarkable building containing the famous murals of Bonampak is just to the right of the second tier pic, above. These murals are in excellent condition, compared to other Mayan ruins that we have seen earlier in our journey of Mexico.

Building containing some of Bonampak's most famous murals.

The murals are protected. No flash photography allowed. The pano pic below shows the left and part of the center walls of one of the rooms. The distortion is due to the mechanics of pano photography.
Partial pic of one of the murals.

4:30PM - Video of Bonampak tour.

5PM - Camped at Bonampak park's entrance.
We asked permission to make a Nite Camp at the entrance to the park. This is a spectacularly tranquil place. Only birds and insects may be heard.
Señorita Tioga, The Team and our guest, Sandra from Holland.

Boid and Sandra chat before supper.

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