Saturday, April 12, 2008

5AM - TiogaRV Team Budget Report.
I've just published the Budget Report Statement for March 31, 2008. As predicted, this statement shows a huge leap in savings.

Google AdSense income has been zooming! The increase in Google AdSense income is one reason we on The Team feel comfortable searching for adventure in Israel this year!

Note: Our budget report is available in the Behind the Scenes section off of our Home Page. And, our Home page link may be found in the footer of this Blog.

9AM - The ruins or the cookies?
We were preparing to go see the Mayan ruins at Chicanna, when Little Mavicito piped up,
"Why don't we bake cookies instead?"

Then Little Mavicito offered,
"We have not baked even one batch of cookies since I became a member of The Team!"

"Wow!", exclaimed everybody.

So, we took a vote. When it came Boid's turn to vote, Boid tweeted,
"What's a cookie?"

Everybody voted for the cookies, even Boid who doesn't know what a cookie is voted for cookies!
Boid watches as Jorge
mixes the cookie dough.

We roll most of the cookie dough into balls, and freeze them for baking later in very small batches.
Frozen cookie balls.

2PM - State border inspections ahead?
By the time all of the cookie stuff was cleaned up, and I had taken a very long nap, it was mid-afternoon. We are very close to the State Border of Quintana Roo and we don't know what to expect concerning inspections at border crossings!

Remember all the terrible stuff that went on when we crossed the State Border of Campeche a few days ago?! That was when we nearly lost our sweet Little Boid!

Soooooo, we asked Little Boid to fly into his cage. As before at the Campeche crossing, Boid is now hiding in the forward part of SeƱorita Tioga's cabover cabinet. Boxes are stacked up in front of Boid's cage, so that if a border guard opens the cabinet door, Boid will not be seen.

We have asked Little Boid to be very quiet while he is hiding in the cabover! Wish us luck!

Are we passed the Quintana Roo border?
We did not see a border station where we figured the Quintana Roo border would be located. No signs either. So, we drove on a few miles and freed Boid from the confines of the cabover cabinet!

Boid was happy to be free, but looked at me as though I was crazy for putting him in that dark cabover cabinet.

Quintana Roo border sign.
We were shocked to come up on a Welcome to Quintana Roo sign. Thinking that a border station must be close, Boid flew into his cage, and we hid him in the cabover again.

However there was NO border station to be found. So, after we drove on for several miles, we freed Boid again. Now Boid was absolutely convinced that I had lost my mind.
Welcome to Quintana Roo!

Boid strikes back!
In retribution for my crazy behavior of hiding boid in the dark cabover two times [for no apparent reason], Boid walked around my desk taking rubber bands from their box and throwing them on the floor!
Boid throwing rubber bands
on the floor.

4PM - Camped in the Poblado of Nicolas Bravo.
I was getting really sleepy [likely due to stress of the border thing ], and stopped to take a nap. Two hours later when I woke up, it was getting close to being dark.

So, we made a Nite Camp in this town. Our Camp is in a residential neighborhood and there are lots of people out this evening strolling and chatting as they walk by SeƱiorita Tioga.
This view of our location creates a desire to visit
South America which is quite compelling!

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