Saturday, April 05, 2008

6:30AM - Boid with his boidfriends.
Every morning it is the same. First we put away all the things that are out of place. Then we brush the dust and birdseed off the furniture, window sills, etc. Boid's pottys are cleaned up. The entire carpet is broomed. Then Boid's cage is cleaned up; bottom paper changed, his water changed. And then it is time for Boid to eat his seeds.

This morning it is different. Boid is soooooo excited because their are a ton of birds outside tweeting up a storm. Boid begs to go out there to tweet with them!

Arbeit macht frei.
When I toured Bonampak, the Mayan archaeological site with my guest Sandra a few days ago, there was a tour group near us from Germany. I mentioned to Sandra that I knew a bit of the German language. For example; "Arbeit macht frei." [Link]

Arbeit macht frei is the sign over many World War II death camps. Especially the infamous Auscwitz/Birkenau death camps. "Arbeit macht frei" in German means "Work makes you free" in English

Sandra was quick to ask me to not let the German group hear me say such words. Sandra told me, "The German people are very sensitive to these words."

This morning at breakfast, for the first time since Bonampak, I went over what Sandra said to me. I am disappointed with myself for failing to understand the true meaning behind Sandra's request to me at that time.

The planned slaughter of millions of Jews and others happened under the Arbeit macht frei sign at the Nazi death camps during WW2. Sandra asked me to be sensitive to the nearby German tour group. Sandra asked that I not speak the words, "Arbeit macht frei" so that the Germans would hear me.

The irony of this thing overwhelms me! Millions and millions of Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis, and I should be sensitive not to speak too loudly so that the German tour group would hear my words?!

What irony! Beyond description. Beyond my ability to write to you describe my feelings about being asked by Sandra to quietly speak Arbeit macht frei so that the Germans would what? Not have their feelings hurt?

Arbeit Macht Frei. We should NEVER forget!

12 Noon - City of Palenque.
We have made our Camp in the El Centro area of the City of Palenque. The first thing we need to do here, is find a Lavanderia [clothes washing store]. We find a Lavanderia a few blocks away, and decide to make a Blog post before returning there with the clothes to be washed.

However, there is no 120 volt AC electric power! The culprit is the large positive 12 volt DC cable going to the inverter. This cable is loose in the connecting clamp. Upon starting to tighten the clamp, the cable falls down below! Doesn't that seem to always happen? Hmmmmm?

So now it is necessary to pull the cable up from below using a "snake" wire. This is not a tough repair job. In fact, it is an enjoyable repair job!
Cable shown with "snake" wire attached.

1PM - Carry loads the Mexican way!
I have almost a full basket of clothes to be washed, and about three blocks to carry these clothes to the lavanderia.

Let's try carrying this load the Mexican way!
Jorge and his load of laundry at Azul Lavanderia.

2PM - Quesadilla for lunch.
On the way back from Azul Lavanderia, we passed a taco stand. Food looked good too! However, we are back in our own little kitchen preparing a quesadilla for lunch. We love to cook. And our food is soooooo good!
Quesadilla before frying
showing the filling.

Boid is eye balling Jorge's quesadilla!

3PM - 100°F [36°C]
It is pretty warm inside Señorita Tioga, 100°F. Outside it is much cooler, only 89°F in the shade. Boid is spending his afternoon in his cage which is hanging from Señorita's rear ladder. Jorge will be outside soon too!

It is soooooo humid here, you would not believe. Perspiration has no place to go, so it just hangs around.

Mr. Dometic is able to cool his fridge section down about 55°F below the outside temperature. This afternoon, Mr. Dometic is just barely able to hold 45°F, if we don't open his fridge door.
100°F [36°C] inside Señorita.

4PM - Moving to a quieter street.
The street of our Camp is on a taxi route, and is very noisy. We are moving to a quieter street. That's why a Casa Rodante [Motor Home] is so wonderful.

Because a Casa Rodante has wheels!
Our new Camp.

Dear Reader,
I will not turn my Tioga-George blog into a political blog. However, every now and then, I feel that it is necessary to speak out, as I have done today.

I have edited my post above titled "Arbeit macht frei." I've edited this post because of several email that I received from readers mis-understanding what I posted about. And, I wanted to make crystal clear what I wrote about.

I am adding here in this "Dear Reader" post below, a few more thoughts about the Jews. Especially the Jews of modern day Israel!

My thoughts about the Jews:
Over the past 2,000 years, Jews have been the kicking post of the World. There have never been more than perhaps 18 million Jews alive at one time on this Earth. Yet, Jews have been chased and hounded from country to country. Century after century. Why is that?

Until 1948! That was the year of the establishment of the Nation of Israel. Now, the Jewish people of the Nation of Israel are able to defend themselves. Israel has military might! And Israel is doing a fantastic job defending itself. Time and time again the giant Arab nations that surround Israel attacked the Jews. Tiny Israel defeated those Arabs and kicked butt!

Who is the aggressor here? The people who hate the Jews and hate Israel are tireless workers to change history. The goal is to make Israel appear to be the aggressor. The goal is to make Arabs appear to want peace. Everything is backwards!

I am sick and tired of reading lies in the news about Israel. That is why I am making this post here!

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