Monday, April 14, 2008

6AM - A perfect paradise!
Maricasa is a miracle! An island of paradise in an ocean of green grass. The Bay of Chetumal is a few meters away.

I went for a morning bath in the Bay. Kathe says that the waters of the Bay are 82°F, warm enough not to even be concerned about that first dip!
SeƱorita Tioga at Maricasa.

11AM - Life at Maricasa.
As you may imagine, life at Maricasa is pretty tranquil. A major activity of the day is the breeze wafting in off of the bay! I feel intoxicated! Overwhelmed!

After floating around in the bay, I rested in the hammock. And gazed at the pool.
The hammock palapa.

The bathing pool, filled with fish.

"Maricasa" is a play off of the phrase, "Mar y casa" which in Spanish is "Ocean and home."

5PM - Jean's last day at Maricasa.
During February, Jean drove from her home in New Mexico to spend time with her close friend Kathe here at Maricasa. Today is Jean's last day. So, we are all going out for supper to commemorate this day.

A short distance north is a restaurant, and the three of us go there in Kathe's car. I order a garlic fried fish, which arrives in the popular style with head and tail still on.

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