Thursday, April 24, 2008

Israel: T - 8 Days!

6AM - The rear window is still leaking.
Yesterday afternoon somebody on The Team decided to test the rear window for water leaks again. You may recall that this window was sealed yesterday at "El Pavo" in Playa del Carmen.

Well guess what? The window still leaks. We were all thinking about how the window could be leaking when it is now completely sealed up! Then we spotted a "gutter/cap" at the top of the emergency exit window. This cap had been designed smaller than the window. This is a mistake, because the cap serves as a gutter, and gutters should extend beyond what they are guttering. Hmmmmm?

An engineering blunder.
Apparently Fleetwood discovered this small "gutter/cap" engineering blunder, and corrected it with a big gob of sealant on each end of this gutter/cap. But in a heavy rainstorm, water enters below this unsealed "gutter/cap" and is now trapped by the big gobs of sealant. Eventually, this trapped rainwater enters the RV. Double hmmmmmmm with sugar on it!

An emergency exit?
The emergency exit window makes little sense to most logical minds. No such emergency exit is provided for persons sleeping in the cabover of MsTioga. Hmmmmmm? I suppose that a person sleeping in the rear of an RV and awakening at nite to find their RV completely engulfed in flames would use such an exit?

Who figures out these things?
Another example that is similar to the rear emergency exit door thing, is the exit sign.

Below is a pic of an exit sign over MsTioga's driver's side door. Hmmmmmm? There is no exit sign over the passenger side door. Apparently the passenger has to figure out an exit strategy on their own while the driver needs help to know where "outside" is located.
Signs of our times!

11AM - Boid's new home.
We are heading north to "El Pavo" in Playa del Carmen in order to fix the leak in MsTioga's rear window. However, on the way we are stopping to drop off Baby Boid at his new home with the family of Kathy, Jamie and the four kids! This is just a visit with the family. Boid will not be "moving-in" until the day I fly out of Mexico.

You may remember that the family is living in a huge palapa in the RV resort at PaaMul. That palapa is open to the outside. So, Boid cannot be free from his cage except inside the trailer or Bodega room.

Everybody went into the Bodega room, which is air-conditioned, has a TV, sofa and soft chairs for lounging. When Boid flew out of his cage, he buzzed the Bodega room with the speed of a P51 Mustang! Boid bumped into a few windows, but was not hurt, and then settled down on a window to look out at the jungle.

The kids in the family are, Jessie, Pikey, Caroline and Ellen. It was Ellen who was the most active with Baby Boid. And Baby Boid responded to Ellen, first enjoying while Ellen petted his chest. And then hopping on Ellen's hand to eat some seeds! Wow!
Ellen pets Boid as
brother Jesse watches.

Boid flew on Ellen's hand to eat his seeds!

12:30PM - El Pavo to get the window sealed.
All that is necessary to finish sealing the rear window, is for Esteban the mechanic at El Pavo to lay a line of sealant along the top window joint. Then, I will re-attach the "gutter/cap" and the window should be perfectly sealed.

We cannot water test this newly laid sealant for at least three hours, because the sealant requires that amount of time to set-up. We will test the seal when we return to Akumal.

4PM - Back at Akumal.
On the way back to our Camp in Akumal, we pick up Boid at Kathy and Jessie's palapa in PaaMul.

Back at Akumal, we want to go snorkeling in the bay. The bay is across the road from our Camp. But first we want to test the window for leaks. A hose is connected to MsTioga's water system, and we run water across the newly laid sealant for about five minutes. Checking inside we find no water leaking in.

Then we run water from near MsTioga's roof line down the entire rear wall. Checking inside again, there are no leaks! Wow! The rear window is leak free!

5PM - Snorkeling in the bay.
Mimi loaned me fins and a snorkel outfit so that I may snorkel in the bay. Do you know about snorkeling? A mask is worn that fits snuggly around the face so that water may not enter. The snorkel tube sticks out of the water for breathing. The other end of the snorkel tube curves around like the letter "J" and fits in the mouth for breathing. It is pretty neat.

However, I had not shaved for two days. Don't go snorkeling with a beard. The water leaks in. I was only out in the water about 20 minutes, before this leaking got uncomfortable. During this time I saw such beautiful things!

Little bright blue and yellow fish about 2" long. Bright violet colored plants. Some of the living things out there in the water are sooooooo vividly bright!

Tomorrow morning I will shave and go out snorkeling again!

6PM - Mimi and I go out for supper.
I invited Mimi to go out for supper at a restaurant. Jonna has gone to Merida to arrange for things at the home that Mimi and Jonna are building there.

We go out to a restaurant that Mimi describes as serving "down-home country food." I order grilled Mahi fish that was caught just this morning. Mimi orders a steak. Everything is soooooo good!

For dessert we share a chocolate mousse which is to die for!

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