Friday, April 18, 2008

Israel: T - 14 Days!

7AM - Changing over to SatMex5.
As you may have read in yesterday's blog post, Mr. Datastorm has had problems getting online lately. We appear to have run out of the eastern edge of the SatMex6 satellite's foot print!

At the advice of Reader/friend Jonna, I have sent an email to Chad Shockley at Motosat requesting a changeover from my present SatMex6 satellite to SatMex5.

Jonna, who lives here in the Yucatan, posted to me in the ShoutBox that SatMex5 is much stronger here along the Yucatan Peninsula coast.

If Motosat moves quickly to change me over to SatMex5 this morning, this will resolve a HUGE challenge!

10AM - Doing maintenance while waiting on Motosat.
Motosat is trying to drive me nuts with excuses about my requested changeover to SatMex5. I have had it with this Motosat company. They are really something else! And that something is not a good thing!!

In the meantime, I have been doing maintenance on Mr. Sunny's solar panels. The wood support runners need repainting with proper good quality paint.
On the roof doing prep for repainting.

Closeup of a support runner
needing repainting.

3PM - Tire repair in City of Tulum.
Remember the tire leak that La SeƱorita had repaired a few weeks back? Well, that tire has a slow leak. About a few psi each day.

So, we stopped at a tire shop in Tulum to fix it up. Repair cost, $8US.
Right rear outside dually being repaired again.

4PM - Gas prices.
On the XM Radio this afternoon, we heard that AAA says that the average gasoline price for regular is $3.44/gallon. Here at the Pemex in Tulum, regular is selling for $6.80/liter.

If you do the conversion math, I will post the price/gallon for Pemex regular. $10.57 pesos = $1US now.

Reader KatheK who lives in the Yucatan Peninsula has posted in the ShoutBox that the price of gasoline here in Mexico is $2.43US/gallon. Wow!

Thank you KatheK, who by the way is a very smart lady!

Pemex regular @ $6.80/liter.

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