Friday, April 04, 2008

7AM - Goodbye Sandra!
We have planned a goodbye breakfast for Sandra. Pancakes, eggs and a fruit bowl topped with strawberry yogurt.

Sandra wants to meet with her friends in Morelia, tomorrow [Saturday] so she must reach Palenque today. And, as you know, we on The Team wish to only travel short distances each day. We will not reach Palenque today.

As we drove along Mex #307 this morning, Señorita drove her usual 35 miles per hour. Slow enough to see everything! We stopped at a little rancho, and bought a bunch of green bananas. The small ones that are soooooo sweet when they ripen. When we reached the 40 mile mark on today's journey, it was time to Camp.

Sandra took Little Boid outside to keep company while waiting for a bus to Palenque to pass. I waited too. Everybody on The Team will miss Sandra. Especially Boid and I. Sandra is a good time!
Sandra eating a mango. Boid watching.
Waiting for the bus to Palenque.

3PM - Weather outside is nice.
Baby Boid was sitting on the passenger seat with his wings slightly raised, because it is warm inside Señorita. About 97°F!

Soooooo, we went outside where there is a breeze and the weather is nice.
Boid, Jorge and The Team
Nite Camped along Mex #307.

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