Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Israel: T - 16 Days!

7AM - Heading north this morning!

The Team is heading north to visit with Jonna & Mimi in the City of Akumal. However, before leaving, we want to empty Señorita's black water tank into Kathe's Maricasa septic system.

Kathe captured a pic of me in my pajamas inspecting the septic system.
Jorge checking out Kathe's septic system.

12 Noon - Whopper deprived.
La Señorita needed a propane fill up. By the time we found the Z-Gas propane place and filled up, it was time for lunch. I remembered that a Burger King was only a few miles away, and realized that I was "Whopper deprived." Wow!

Now that I have eaten my Whopper [$55 pesos for a #1 combo], I am feeling normal again!
Jorge at Burger King in Chetumal.

Don't words mean anything now-a-days?
While I was eating my #1 Whopper combo in Burger King, background noise was blaring from the store's sound system. It was that rap stuff. I don't listen to this rap stuff, and don't know much about it.

The words of this particular Rap stuff are in English, and these words are just plain ugly. When the woman manager walked by my table. I asked her if she understood these words. She did not understand.

I told her that the woman saying these words, is describing her boyfriend's "equipment." How big it is, how black it is, like a big black banana. The manager giggled a little. Told me that she would change the "music." Hmmmmm?

A Pemex Story
How Jorge beat the cheater!

This is my sixth year living in Mexico during the winter and spring time. And I believe that I've been exposed to most every Pemex scam. A couple of months ago, I began to fill my tank myself at Pemex. That usually stops most scam artists working at Pemex.

Today however when I filled up at a Pemex in Chetumal, the scam artist was a smart guy, and tried to pull the "the pump stopped" scam. The Pemex guy doing this scam, simply stops the pump [when the customer is not looking] and tells the customer that the pump stopped itself. The scam guy suggests to keep filling up and he will add the totals together. Usually the pump stops again, so that three different amounts must be added up. "The pump stopped" scam depends on the Americano not being able to count Mexican money too well.

As soon as the Pemex guy stopped the pump, I told him, "You stopped the pump, I am not going to pay you anything! Go get the manager!" By the time that the manager came over, the scam guy had zeroed out the pump, thereby losing that money because he did not collect it. That amount closed out was $100 pesos. The manager seeing that the pump was at zero, instructed me to fill up my tank. And I did.

Everybody all around that pump was watching closely what was going on. There were two vendors selling nuts. Three other Pemex employees. And two customers. All of them quietly watching what was going on.

I put $460 pesos of gasoline in the tank, and handed the cheater Pemex guy $500 pesos to pay for the gas. He looked closely at the brand new $500 peso note, and told me that it was no good. I told him, "You don't want this money?", and proceeded to get into MsTioga and drive away.

He changed his mind, and accepted the $500 pesos. In a last ditch attempt to get to me some way, he tried to short me on the $40 pesos change due me. But I did not let him get away with that! And so he paid me with a bunch of tiny coins, $1 peso, 50 centavos, stuff like that. He figured that would irritate me, but it all added up to $40 pesos, and I was OK with that!

4PM - The Bacalar Lagoon.
We have made a Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Buena Vista overlooking the Bachalar Lagoon. This lagoon runs inland and parallel to the giant Chetumal Bay [see the map links below]. The lagoon has mysterious bands of light blue water along the opposite coast!
Pic of the Bacalar Lagoon from Señorita Tioga's roof.

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