Tuesday, April 08, 2008

7AM - How is Little Boid doing?
Last nite The Team made a Nite Camp close to the rancho where Little Boid is living now. We all decided to go back to the rancho this morning and see how Little Boid is doing.

We found Mamita Elisa smiling, and all the kids smiling too. They were all happy to see us. Danilo had seen La Se├▒orita Nite Camped, and had told his Mamita that we were there.

The paper in Little Boid's cage had been changed, and the cage was all clean. Boid had fresh food and water. When I came close him, Little Boid came close to my face. I think that Boid was wondering where I had been all morning?

Boid will be fine.
Little Boid will be fine living with Elisa Perez and her family. Right now, we do not know why God has taken Little Boid from us. But we have faith that it was for a good reason. Perhaps someday, we may find out that reason.

But for now, Little Boid is fine and we his friends on The Team are able to live with that.

7:30AM - Going thru the border station.
After seeing Boid was doing fine, we drove to and went thru the border station. The guards confiscated all of our eggs, bacon, pork and chicken meats.

I put all of the confiscated food in a plastic shopping bag. The guard told me to put the food in a large trash can. I looked inside that trash can. There was nothing in it! No confiscated food was there!!! Wow!

I went into my large tool drawer, and got a piece of 2x4 lumber. I put all of the confiscated food on the ground, and used the 2x4 to smash the confiscated food into the dirt. When I finished smashing the food, it looked like mud!

The border guards will not feast on this confiscated food today!

9AM - Camped near another river.
We went north into the State of Campeche and made a Morning Camp next to a river. While Mr. Datastorm was going up to find his satellite, I cleaned up inside MsTioga as I do every morning.

I cleaned the droppings that Little Boid had left for me yesterday. There will be none of Boid's stuff to clean tomorrow.

Some readers have written that Boid was meant to live with the Perez family. But I believe, and I think Boid believes, that we were meant to be together.

And, in the fullness of time when I am again in Mexico, I shall return here and continue to give Boid tons of love as I have done since we met.
Our Morning Camp next to a river.

12 Noon - Mine Zaida and his bird.
What happened to Little Boid and me got me to thinking about mine Zaida and his parakeet. So, this morning I wrote and published a story about those times, many years ago.

2PM - Camped near a river.
We were looking for a river to make a Camp. We see this river on our map. Maria is the owner of land and a home next to this river, and she gives permission to stay the nite!
View of the river from Se├▒orita's roof.

6PM - Boid is back!
It is absolutely true! Incredible as it may seem, Little Boid is back! Wow!

It is really hot, and we are Camped near a river. I am going to take a nice cool dip, and then come back and tell you the whole story!
Baby Boid is back!

7PM - The whole story of Baby Boid's return!
All day long I was soooooo angry, so disturbed. I was angry at the border guards. Disturbed by my feelings of missing Boid.

Then, during the afternoon I arrived at the 2PM Camp shown above. Something was not right with Mr. Datastorm, maybe a tree was in the way or something. While I was waiting for Mr. Datastorm to connect, I began to go over what happened with Boid.

Then, it dawned on me. I had failed Boid! It was my job to be Boid's protector. When the border guards refused to allow Boid across the border, I caved in. I found somebody to take care of Boid, and then I took off without him. What a terrible thing for me to do to my good friend Boid!

In an instant I decided to go back and get Boid across the border. High-tailing back the 40 miles that we traveled today only took about 40 minutes. When we got to the rancho, I explained the situation with Boid. [I had already given the family $500 pesos to take care of Boid.]

Boid crosses the border!
I took out a bunch of boxes from the cabover, and loaded Boid's cage with Boid inside, into the forward part of the cabover compartment. Then, I loaded the boxes back so that Boid's cage was completely covered up. It was dark in the cabover now, and Boid does not tweet when it is dark.

The border guard entered MsTioga, looked around a bit and confiscated some chicken hot dogs from Mr. Dometic's freezer. Then the guard left, and waved us across the border.

When we were on the other side of the border, I removed Boid's cage from the cabover compartment. Then, I opened Boid's cage door and he flew out. Boid was free for the first time today! Boid flew around inside MsTioga tweeting up a storm. He looked at all his favorite perches.

Then we took off down the road, and Boid sat on MsTioga's passenger seat back - his favorite perch of all!

9PM - Taking risks.
Sometimes in my life, I have had to take risks in order to achieve my goals. This is stated clearly in my Character Value - Goal #4. [See "My Values" in the "Behind the Scenes" section of my Home Page.]

Today I lived up to my values! What a grand day this has been for me! Yes!

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