Wednesday, April 09, 2008

8AM - Airplane tickets to Israel.
I bought my airplane tickets to Israel. I used the online "Cheap Tickets" website, and it was soooooo easy.

You may read all about it on my Message Board's Israel Forum.

10AM - Maria's home by the river.
Yesterday afternoon I made a Camp here at the home of Maria. This is the place where I turned back to go to the border, in order to fetch Little Boid. As I prepared to leave yesterday, Maria asked me to return and introduce her to Little Boid! So, I have returned

Maria and her helper Jaime have been cleaning up the yard for the past two days while I have been Camping here. There is a nice dock that extends into the river, and yesterday I used that dock to jump into the river for a swim.
Cleaning the yard.

2PM - San Isidro Camp.
The Team left Maria's home and headed north. It was tempting to stay there, with the lovely river to dip so close. But we want to keep moving along right now.

We traveled 47 miles, just about right for one day, and have made a Camp in the Poblado of San Isidro. There are little fenced ranch properties all around our Camp. Across the road is a herd of borregos [sheep]. A white lamb that was crying for its mother attracted Little Mavicito.
Soooooo cute!

I made a nice early supper of left over BBQ chicken, a quesadilla with roast beef, cheese and onions, two kinds of beans and salad!

The weather is very humid and a bit warm 98°F [36°C]. Boid and I have been napping.

6PM - The BIG Boid Controversy!
I did not anticipate such a giant outpouring of sentiment from readers which resulted from me running the border with Little Boid. I am not addressing what I did with Boid here, because it is not in my best interests to do that on my Blog. The Tioga & George Forum is that place.

This subject is about how I should handle posts both in the ShoutBox and the new T&G Forum.

When the ShoutBox was new, I simply deleted or edited posts that I determined to be super critical of another poster, extremely negative, offensive, nasty, etc. In the Forum, I am quite a bit less restrictive. Because the Forum is not published "on-the-blog."

Now with the onset of the BIG Boid Controversy, I am confronted with an avalanche of posts that are questionable. I've taken the road to let things sort of just slide along, unchecked.

I am NOT sure if this is the way to go. Time will tell.

NOTE: I deleted a ton of nasty posts [and replies to those posts]. Also, I banned some IP addresses. It will be interesting to see if I am able to clean house of the trash posters with these methods.

Boid and George discuss the Controversy.

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