Friday, April 11, 2008

8AM - Controversy is soooooo good for me!
The controversy sparked by my running the state border with Little Boid has had such wonderful results for me. I have been greatly challenged by posts in the ShoutBox and the Message Board's forums about the "Boid crossing the border" event.

These challenges have given me new insights into myself. And these insights have opened up new horizons for me.

It is my feeling that openness is one key to emotional health and wellbeing. As you may know, I am very open on my blog and website about myself. I do this openness about myself for a real purpose. I have nothing to be ashamed about in my life. So, I have nothing to keep closed in telling my story.

Dealing with posters who are nasty.
I am not being critical when I state that some readers/posters to ShoutBox and my Message Board's forums are nasty. It is the truth.
How shall shall I deal with these posters?

At first I deleted ShoutBox posts that seemed to me too nasty. In the Forum, I even removed entire threads. But then Reader Patrick challenged me thru email.

Over several email exchanges with Patrick, I came to see his viewpoint. As a result of those exchanges, a new forum was born in my Message Board. This new forum is titled:
"Political & Religious."

In addition to political & religious topics welcomed on this forum, it will also contain:
"Any topic that becomes too hot for its present forum."

Longtime reader Carl from Crestline, California expressed concern for my welfare. My blog has usually been so uplifting, refraining as much as possible from negativity and judgmentalism. "Will what happens in your forum spill over here?" [In my blog], wondered Carl in his ShoutBox post.

Maybe so. However, I am taking that chance. Because I feel that being open, and giving readers the chance to be open, is a good thing!

10:30AM - La Selva Restaurant.
Reader Hopalong and my good Reader/friend Jonna recommended in a ShoutBox post that I try eating at La Selva Restaurant. So, although I was starving for breakfast, I've waited to eat and drove to La Selva.

The restaurant is 25 miles east of our Nite Camp. It is a nondescript place. No doubt without the recommendation, I would have driven right by. Dueña Demetria is not home. Cook Francesca prepares my breakfast, which is eaten as Boid looks on!
Scrambled eggs, tomatoes
and black refried beans.

La Selva Restaurant.

Perhaps you would like to eat a La Selva's too? Here is a map Link to the restaurant.

4PM - At the Chicanna Mayan site.
We see on our Guia-Roji Map of Mexico book, that perhaps four Mayan sites are nearby the Chicanna site. We want to tour at least the Chicanna site. However, this site closes at 5PM and it is now 4PM.

We decide to take a peek at the hotel located across the road. We are willing to pay perhaps $100 pesos to park there for the nite. The young man at the front desk opens with $450 pesos for the nite. Wow! Much too high.

So, we low ball with a $50 pesos counter offer. He counter offers with $300 pesos absolute minimum. We come up with our absolute maximum of $100 pesos. He comes up with, "If you eat in the restaurant and spend $250 pesos, you may stay the nite in the lot."

We decide to stay for free at the entrance to the now closed Chicanna site. We on The Team are very tough bargainers!
La Señorita and The Team at the Mayan site of Chicanna.

What it is like driving along Mex Hwy#186
in the Yucatan Peninsula.
This afternoon, Little Mavicito captured a video while Señorita Tioga drove along Mexico Highway #186. The Yucatan is pretty flat. Hills go up and down, but not very much. The Yucatan is green. Trees and growing things are everywhere.

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