Monday, April 07, 2008

8AM - Plan-C posted in our Israel Forum.
I've just posted "Plan-C", which details how I now believe I'll travel to Israel for three months.

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2PM - They won't let Boid into Campeche!!

We are at the border station leaving the State of Tabasco, and entering the State of Campeche. The border guards won't let Boid into the State of Campeche!

I tried every which way to get Boid passed the border. Listening to them talk for over an hour. Begging with them. And finally, I broke down and cried. This is such an emotional experience for me. Wow!
Leaving Chiapas, entering Tabasco
and then almost immediately
enter Campeche.

3:30PM - Camped at the border station.
SeƱorita Tioga and The Team have made a Camp on the Tabasco side of the state border only a few meters from the border station. We have to think this problem thru. And find a solution.

This sign is close to our Camp. It appears as though the entire Peninsula of Yucatan is ganging up on poor little Boid!
Birds not allowed to cross
into the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Team Camped out at the border station.

4PM - Boid doesn't know about his terrible fate!
It is 103°F [41°C] here at the border station. Boid is happily tweeting at his boidfriends, not knowing the terrible fate that has fallen on him!

Little Baby Boid, the great danger to the environment of the Yucatan Peninsula, sits on his cage trying to keep cool by lifting his wings. What a happy little guy he is right now.
Little Baby Boid whose fate
has suddenly turned dark!

5PM - My last day with Little Boid.
When Boid and I started this day, we did not know that this would be our last day together. I took off Boid's cage cover, and Boid stretched his wings. When I finished cleaning his cage, Boid jumped from his cage and walked over to the edge of the table where I was sitting. He jumped on my arm, asking for his seeds.

Today was a great day for Boid and me. We drove down the road, and mostly Boid sat on the seat backs. Sometimes right behind my head.

5:30PM - Elisa and Juan Pablo Perez.
Boid has a new home with the Perez family who take care of a rancho near the border station. There are three kids in the family; Mary Ella, Fernanda and Danilo.

I built a wood bracket for Boid's cage to hang. Boid will no longer be a free bird, allowed to fly all over his home. Now, his cage door will remain closed. This is Boid's new life.
Elisa, Little Boid and Danilo.

MsTioga, Fernanda, Danilo, Elisa [Mom] and Mary Ella.

Little Baby Boid in his new home!
Go with God, Baby Boid!

This has been a very hard time for me!
My tears have been flowing all afternoon. Really tough losing Little Boid in this terrible way. Just yanked from my life and heart, with no compassion.

My prayers go out for my Little Baby Boid. He will need them in his new home. Will you also pray for Baby Boid?

God willing, Little Boid and I will be together again at the end of September when I return to Mexico.

A happy Boid on a better day!

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