Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Israel: T - 10 Days!

6:30AM - MsTioga at her new home.
As the day was breaking, MsTioga moved to her new home where she will live during the trip to Israel. Jonna & Mimi's condo is across the road.

If you use either of the Google Map links below, you may get a better idea of MsTioga's Camp
MsTioga will live here until we
return from our Israel Trip.

3PM - Tweaking the leak points.
There are two places where a tiny amount of rain comes in when driven by strong wind. One is the rear window emergency exit. I've sealed up the perimeter of that exit window with "Sonoplastic NP-1" my favorite sealant.

The other place is thru one of the cabover clearance lites. I am going to open those lites up tomorrow, and reseal the wire exit points.

Getting rid of ants.
One of the things that my Yucatan friends have spoken to me a great deal about, is the subject of getting rid of ants. Especially KatheK and Jonna. Both of these ladies have different solutions to this vexing problem.

Do a Google search for: "Getting rid of ants" and you may find a zillion pages of how-to info.

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