Monday, April 21, 2008

Israel: T - 11 Days!

How are you able to go live in Israel for three months?
Perhaps you have wondered how I am able to go live in Israel for three months. You may have read my monthly budget report, which shows that my income is not too high.

My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour wonder about me being able to afford my Israel trip too. Shirley and Seymour likely are more concerned for my wellbeing, than anybody else on the planet.

Below are excerpts from Shirley & Seymour's email to me:

On 15 Mar 2008 at 17:03, Shirley wrote:
Did you win the lottery? Going to Israel for 3 months,
Wow! What do you plan to do with Boid? Where are you
parking Ms. Tioga?

On 20 Apr 2008 at 11:28, Shirley wrote:
Boy George, you must have made a lot of money from
your Google ads if you can rent an apartment in
Israel, rent a car plus all the other expenses. All
of this will really be a change from your usual

Budget stuff about my trip to Israel.
In April, 2004 when I posted in my Blog that I was going to quit RVing for awhile and go get a job, I had only $254 in my PayPal savings account. It was really scary!

Since that low point in April, 2004, my PayPal savings account has grown to $10,613 today. Now that may not seem like a lot of money to you. However, that is a fortune to me, and is equal to about six months worth of my expenses.

I must take from my savings to pay for airfare and car rental expenses. Rent for an apartment in Israel is a push with my expenses while living in MsTioga. As long as my AdSense income remains somewhat consistent, I should be fine!
Boid & George talk about the budget.

Kathy & Jamie.
Baby Boid is going to stay at the home of Kathy & Jamie while I am on my Israel trip. Kathy & Jamie's family has four kids. Jesse, Pikey, Caroline and Ellen. Their home is a very large palapa located in the beach town of PaaMul.

I drove to Kathy & Jamie's home with Jonna just to be introduced to the family. However, when Jonna went on to do errands in Playa del Carmen, I decided remain here. I wanted to get to know the family better.

The palapa is two stories tall. But it looks much taller because the A-frame roof goes way up high. Jamie has chosen to take over the cooking responsibility for the family. In the pic below, Jamie is in his kitchen cooking for the party later this afternoon.
Jamie surprised being captured
by Little Mavicito in the kitchen.

Kathy taking a pic of me
gets captured herself!

Caroline making something.

View from the rear is the jungle.

The party!
We are going to have a party at Jonna & Mimi's condo in Akumal. Jamie has been preparing stuff in the kitchen, and now is joined by Kathy who bags the salad!
Kathy and Jamie preparing stuff for party.

Mimi, Kathy and Jonna in the condo kitchen.

Jamie and Kathy viewing the Carribean from Jonna & Mimi's condo.

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