Sunday, April 20, 2008

Israel: T - 12 Days!

6AM - Looking for the beach.
Yesterday afternoon, we made our Nite Camp in Playa del Carmen quite a bit away from the beach. This morning The Team is up early, looking for a nice Beach Camp.

We found our Camp amidst million $dollar$ homes and condos. We plan to stay here until tomorrow morning. First thing Little Mavicito wants to do, is publish our Tulum tour in yesterday's blog post. Then, we want to explore Playa del Carmen using Mr. Trek.
The Team Beach Camped at Playa del Carmen.

Note: The "Israel: T - 12 Days" headline above is a link to my Message Board's "Israel Forum." If you click on that link, you may read the latest stuff about my 3-month trip to Israel.

10AM - Tulum story postponed!
I had just finished breakfast, and went over to begin working on the Tulum story. However, Little Mavicito refused to work with me!

"I am not going to be stuck inside MsTioga, in this humidity and heat, while the beach is soooooo close"
, said Little Mavicito!

"And look at all the cute people in bikinis!", continued Little Mavicito!

So, we are going out to bike around Playa de Carmen on Mr. Trek. I am going in my bathing suit because the water of the Carribean looks soooooo inviting!

10AM - Biking around Playa del Carmen.
If you love to browse around shops. If you love to sip coffee in a little cafe at an outside table, watching fellow tourists stroll by. If you love to vacation close to one of the most gorgeous beaches with sand as white as you may imagine. And go bathing in water that is always warm, filled with fish that you may see for yourself while snorkeling.

If you love all of these things, then take your next vacation at Playa del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula. Man-O-Man!
5th Avenue, Playa del Carmen
on a Sunday morning.

La Vagabunda Restaurant
5th Avenue, Playa del Carmen.

The beach of Playa del Carmen just after Sunrise.

12 Noon - Confession time!
There is something that I did not tell you. I lost some money a few weeks ago. $350US. I asked my son David, if he thought that I was getting senile? How could I have lost $350 ?? Hmmmm?

For sure I lost this amount of money, because I keep track of every $cent$ with Quicken. And Quicken does not tell lies.

Today it happened again! Not with money. This time with my keys. I had gone wading in the ocean and laid my belly pack on the sand. This pack had my keys in a zippered compartment. When I returned to MsTioga, I could not find my keys! Incredible.

I did not believe it. After searching all thru the pack, twice would you believe, off I went trudging back to the beach.

And there they were. My keys. Almost buried in the sand exactly where I laid down my belly pack. I really do not understand this kind of stuff!

5PM - We are in Akumal.
Señorita Tioga and The Team have moved south and are now Camped in Akumal. We want to find our reader/friends, Jonna and Mimi who are camped here as well.

However, we do not know where Jonna and Mimi's camp is located. Perhaps they have not updated their Datastorm Users Map? Or maybe, they are on their way to Akumal.

While we are waiting for word from Jonna and Mimi, we have to square away Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank. I didn't see a tope until it was too late, and went over it too fast! Hmmmmm?

Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank.
The battery bank is underneath my computer workstation. The desktop of this station lifts up to give access to the batteries. Now looking at the batteries, I see that when I drove too fast over that tope, two of the batteries rose out of position. One of the battery cables pulled out of its connecting lug! Wow!

When the solar electric system was installed in early 2003, I did all of the installation. This included manufacturing of the 2/0 cables, which are .4" diameter. I never thought that having the skills to install a huge lug on a 2/0 cable would come in handy. However, today it did!
Setting the lug on to the cable.

Setting means to "crimp" the lug so that it is secure on the cable. The lug is made from thick copper tubing, and crimping it is not easy. As you may see in the pic below, my crimp puts an "X" into the copper lug. This "X" crimp is on both the top and bottom of the copper lug.
"X" crimp secures copper lug to 2/0 cable.

Shrink tube seals off
and protects copper lug.

6:30PM - Jonna comes to pick me up!
Just as I was finishing with the battery bank repairs, up drove Jonna in her Jeep. Wow! We had not seen each other for a zillion years, but we email each other a lot. And we both read each other's blog to know what is happening.

Señorita Tioga followed Jonna to the parking area where she and Mimi have their condo home here in Akumal. Their condo overlooks the Caribbean Ocean. Little Mavicito has promised that tomorrow, he will take pics for you to see Jonna & Mimi's gorgeous condo!

Jonna & Mimi introduced me to several of their neighbor/friends. Then we went out for supper with two of these friends. What a great time!

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