Saturday, April 19, 2008

Israel: T - 13 Days!

7AM - Ancient Mayan City of Tulum!
Northwest of our Nite Camp, along the coast of the Caribbean Ocean, is the mysterious ancient Mayan City of Tulum!

That, is where La Señorita and The Team are going to search for adventure today!

9AM - Camped at Tulum entrance.
After finding a lavanderia to do our laundry, we headed out for the Mayan City of Tulum. However, we were very surprised to find that a parking lot awaited us. First we park, then we walk about 10 minutes to the archaeological site.

There are tons of tour busses here dropping off zillions of tourists. We on The Team are NOT tourists. We live in Mexico. So, we are going to make breakfast then walk to Tulum a bit later on. The hoards of tourists should have moved on by then.
The Team at Tulum.

4:30PM - Tulum to Playa del Carmen.
Little Mavicito is very anxious to show and tell you about our tour of the mysterious Tulum. But first we want to let you in on our journey from Tulum to Playa del Carmen.

After touring the Mayan City of Tulum, we picked up our laundry and I got a haircut [long overdue]. We headed north thinking to find our Nite Camp in Akumal. Tomorrow, Jonna and Mimi are coming to Akumal to see us! Jonna and Mimi are long time reader/friends.
Entrance to ancient Mayan site Tulum.

Where do the poor people go?
However, we were not able to find a Camp at Akumal near the ocean. This is very surprising, because for some reason unknown to us now, we figured that free Camps at Akumal were easy to find.

La Señorita continued north. When we came to a road heading to the Ocean, we took it. All we found were very large hotels and private property. And, these places with hotels and private property were between us and the lovely beach with white sand. Hmmmmm?

7PM - Roof maintenance.
In preparation for leaving MsTioga here in Mexico without me for several months, I have been doing a little maintenance everyday. Today's maintenance really got me tired! I'll have to eat supper then take a nap before publishing the Tulum Mayan Site story.

A few weeks ago a reader emailed wondering how long I will be able to live this vagabonding life. She noted that I am in my 71st year now. "Don't you notice yourself slowing down?", this reader asked.

I do see things happening to me as a result of aging. My balance is not so steady. And I walk a lot slower now, and am not able to walk so far as I used to. I just adjust to these changes. Try to pace myself.

This part of my life is NOT the time stop planning and doing new stuff [like the Israel trip]. I have no aches or pains. I am in great health. No medical problems.

There will be plenty time for slowing up much later on!

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