Thursday, April 17, 2008

Israel: T - 15 Days!

7PM - Mr. Datastorm lost his bearings!
We moved Señorita Tioga so that Mr. Sunny's panels tilted up facing the rising Sun. Then, Mr. Datastorm went up to go online. However, Mr. Datastorm was not able to locate his satellite. Even when we manually found the satellite for him, Mr. Datastorm was "out-to-lunch!" and would not tune in.

So, we made breakfast and afterwards, moved to the pueblo's soccer field where Mr. Datastorm was re-calibrated. Even his compass was re-calibrated so that Mr. Datastorm would know where he is and have his bearing squared away.

Still, Mr. Datastorm could not find his satellite. We believe that we may be at the eastern edge of the footprint for SatMex6. Anyway, that is our take on this thing. Somehow we managed to get online now, and are now hanging on by our finger nails!

11AM - RVing in Israel.
Reader Florida Mike has been urging me to find an RV for Israel. Early on, I tried to locate an RV rental place in Israel. And ran into a brick wall. At Florida Mike's urging, I renewed my search for an RV to rent while I am in Israel.

I just received the following email :

On 17 Apr 2008 at 12:46, Linda Richardson wrote:

Sorry, George, but I forwarded your message to a colleague who sells US rentals from Israel in the hope he could help you. He has just come back to me and told me that there is no company which rents RV’s in Israel.
Sorry we could not help you.
Kind regards
Cruise America UK Sales

3:30PM - Town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.
We have made a Camp in a baseball stadium field in the Town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. This seems to be a laid back neighborhood.

There's a little grocery store on the corner and a loving couple is lying on the basketball court!
Do you see the loving couple?

6PM - Moved northwest in order to get online.
We lost Mr. Datastorm's satellite connection while in the Town of Filepe Carrillo Puerto. Our position is too far east in the satellite footprint. So, we have moved northwest about 12 miles to the tiny Poblado of Pino Suarez.

Here in Pino Suarez, by messing a lot manually with Mr. Datastorm's dish, we have barely managed to go online! We are soooooo lucky!

I need some help!

If you are living in Miami, Florida or vicinity, I need some help receiving mail and packages for about a week's time. This mail and packages are for my trip to Israel.

Please email me if you are able to help. There is an email link in the footer of the blog.

Thank you soooooo much!

Note: I found my help! It is from reader/friends Jim & Chris Guld of "Geeks on Tour!" Jim & Chris are visiting family in Miami. Read their website [Here].

A day of GIANT challenges!

During the last two days, we appear to have moved to the eastern edge of Mr. Datastorm's satellite [SatMex6] footprint. All sorts of things happen at the edge of the footprint. Here at the edge, it becomes increasingly difficult to lock on the satellite's signal. Also, passing the tests required to go online becomes very, very touchy. At the present time, I have to manually move the dish in order to begin these tests. Very often however, the manual setting is not good, and this moving must be done over and over again until the tests are passed.

In addition to Mr. Datastorm's challenges, many things about my trip to Israel are coming together today requiring me to be online!

  • Negotiations for an apartment in Jerusalem for myself for the month of May, 2008 are going on.
  • An agreement to rent an apartment in Jerusalem for Cousin Jacky and myself from May 30th when Jacky arrives in Israel to June 19th, the day Jacky leaves Israel.
  • Arrangements for a mailbox in the City of Miami, Florida. These arrangements feel thru today because the UPS Store required me to download two documents; sign them, have them notarized and delivered back to Miami. I am unable to fulfill this requirement. Just too difficult. That is why I asked for help from readers in the post above. I am hoping to find a reader who lives in the Miami area and will help me by receiving mail and packages for me for about a week's time.
I enjoy challenges. However, there are just too many of them at one time right now to be much fun. And being at the edge of the satellite footprint at just this particular time, screws up plans to be close to the Carribean coast visiting with reader friends.

I will figure something out. But I wanted to share with you what is going on because of the complexity of it all.

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