Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Israel: T - 3 Days!

2AM - Too excited to sleep!
Man-O-Man! Mimi & Jonna will pick me up at 10am for the trip to the airport in Cancun. There I will board Mexicana Airlines flying to Miami. And here it is, 2AM, and I am too excited to sleep!

This evening, all the usable food in Mr. Dometic was given to Mimi & Jonna. Even all of the frozen chocolate chip cookie balls. Then, Mr. Dometic was defrosted and cleaned up.

All that remains to be done is to give MsTioga a good carpet cleaning with Mr. Breeze, our little tank type vacuum cleaner.

A new backpack!
Yesterday after saying good bye to Boid at Kathy & Jamie's palapa in PalMul, I drove to Office Depot in Playa del Carmen. Office Depot has a really neat backpack with a zillion compartments, wheels for rolling along a sidewalk and a handle that extends from the top.

This backpack is really comfortable on my back too. I was going to use a "soft" backpack, but that proved not a good idea. Not enough compartments in the soft backpack, and the thing sagged when it was on my back.

Jerusalem weather sticker.
Guess what?! We just added a Jerusalem weather sticker to our blog. Look below and you may find it. Jerusalem weather is looking good!AM

10AM - Ready to go!
In the pic below, I am waiting for Jonna & Mimi to pick me up at MsTioga's Camp. As you may see, I am carrying the new backpack that has wheels.

MsTioga will remain Camped here unless a hurricane comes along. In that case, Mimi & Jonna will move MsTioga out of harm's way!
Ready to go to the airport in Cancun.

11:45AM - Cancun airport.
There is a big line for the Mexicana Airlines check-in. However, the line moves steadily, and in about 20 minutes, I am at the counter. Then a glitch comes up.

I have NOT been assigned a seat by Cheap Tickets. So, it seems as though all passengers with assigned seats must be checked in, and then I may get a seat assignent.

I wait somewhat anxiously near the check-in counter. After about 1/2 hour I am given a boarding pass. Wow! I was a little worried for a bit!

4:15PM - Miami, Florida!
The Mexicana Airlines flight takes off at 1:45PM Cancun time. This is a 1.5 hour flight, but we cross a time zone and arrive in Miami 4:15PM.

A rental car beast is waiting for me. After phoning for a pickup, the rental car shuttle van comes by to take me to the off airport rental lot. The rental beast is a Nissan Sentra that costs $87 for the two days.
Flying over Miami.

6PM - La Quinta Inn.
Mr. DeLorme [GPS] and Ms. GQ guide me to the La Quinta Inn where I'll spend two nites. My room has a BIG desk with a nice chair. And guess what else it has?!

A high speed internet connection! Man-O-Man!
At the La Quinta Inn.

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