Monday, April 28, 2008

Israel: T - 4 Days!

7AM - Going commando!
My good reader/friend Terry Taylor described my way of traveling with only the clothes on my back as, "Going commando!" Wow! I love that.

I am now living completely out of my packs. Don't want to forget anything. Even when writing everything down, something may be missed. By living out of my 3-packs [while still here with MsTioga], I reduce the chance of leaving something behind.

In the pic below, are my three packs. The backpack. The belly pack. And Little Mavicito's belt back! Do I look commando? Hmmmmm?

Commando George!

9:30AM - Bye, bye Boid.
I borrowed Jonna & Mimi's Toyota pickup to take Little Boid to PaaMul where he will be living with Kathy, Jamie and the kids. You met this family a few days ago when Boid paid them a visit.

Taking a chance on love! Wow!
I love Little Boid. He and I have a thing together. And now I am going off and leaving Boid behind. Did I make a mistake when I took Boid into my life, and now into my heart?

It is my belief that I have to take a chance on love. Yes, it hurts to leave Boid behind. Breaks my heart. You know something? If I had to do it all over again, I would take Boid into my life and into my heart again!

In the pic below, I am telling Boid that I will be back soon.
Good bye Little Boid.

5PM - Supper with Jonna & Mimi.
Both Jonna & Mimi have treated MsTioga and The Team to the very best time!

We are always welcome at their wonderful condo home. They found MsTioga a place to Camp, and a home for Little Boid. Loaned snorkel gear so that I am able to look at the fishes in the bay. Wow! We are soooooo grateful. Thank you, Jonna & Mimi.

The three of us went out for a going-away supper. The restaurant was open air and right next to the Bay of Akumal.
Jonna, George & Mimi [L-R].

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