Sunday, April 27, 2008

Israel: T - 5 Days!

10AM - Knocking off the punch list!
This morning, knocking off punch list items is high on the agenda. A punch list is a construction term and is a list of things to do to complete a project.

Some of these punch list items are:
  • Charging MsTioga's starting battery.
  • Checking solar battery bank.
  • Paying rent for MsTioga to stay at Akumal [$5/day]
  • Giving Jonna & Mimi written authorization to drive MsTioga
Of course, snorkeling in the bay is high on the agenda too!

Note to Gene Fischer in Wyoming
The name of the Dometic dealer in Casper, Wyoming is: Rec-Vee Service and Supply
My emails to you are not going thru.

1PM - Tacos in the jungle.
Two gorgeous salmon patty tacos were prepared for lunch. Also, a nice salad with 2000 Island Dressing. While eating lunch, the sounds of the breeze moving the palm leaves just outside MsTioga's window are heard. Blows me away!

Our Camp is at the edge of the jungle. Little Mavicito was looking out at the jungle and decided to show you what we see. Little Mavicito used all of his mighty Nikon powers to make this difficult shot for you.
Our Camp at the edge of the jungle.

4PM - Snorkeling with the fishes.
This will likely be my last snork in Akumal Bay. So, I am going to go way out near the reef. Mimi captured this pic of me so that I would be able to share with you!

Thank you, Mimi!
George in Akumal Bay.

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