Saturday, April 26, 2008

Israel: T - 6 Days!

7:30AM - Hilario Hiler comes to call.
I'd just put Boid in his cage to hang from the palm tree. A man walking by stopped to say "Hi" to Boid.

His name is Hilario Hiler. His work is being a guide and writer. Hilario has lived here in Akumal for 15 years. His home is in the top story of the condo next to our Camp. Hilario asked me if I would like to look at a book that he helped prepare.

The book is, "The Modern Maya" by Macduff Everton. In this book, I found Hilario's story fascinating. Perhaps this view into the life of the ancient Mayan people has not been addressed before? And so, I am sharing a few pages in the pics below.

Hilario Hiler today in Akumal.

Explore Yucatan's
Sacred Spaces
NOTE: Are you the kind of person who would enjoy a trip to the jungle ruins of Mujil-Chunyaxche and Sian Ka'an which features a diversity of ecosystems: sea, cenotes, jungle, mangrove, marsh, savanna, and lagoons renowned for bird and butterfly observation?

If this is you, then give Hilario Hiler a phone call. Get a personalized family tour. An adventure of a lifetime! (+52) 984-87-59066.

3PM - Cabover clearance lites leak free.
Once last summer while driving somewhere in the western United States, MsTioga was in a cloud burst. The rain came down soooooo heavy! For maybe 10-15 minutes the torrent continued. MsTioga could not drive in such weather. We could not see thru the windshield one bit!

After the rain stopped, water was found in the cabover. Our equipment manuals are kept inside the cabover cabinet in a plastic tub Those manuals got very wet.

There is a screw anchor in the front of each cabover clearance lite to secure the fixture and electrically ground the circuit. We believe that those anchors are where the water leaked in. Yesterday we sealed those anchors with epoxy. The rear screw holding the clearance light fixture was sealed with mastik adhesive.

After the five clearance lite fixtures were re-installed, we ran water over the fixtures for about 1/2 hour. No leaks were found!
Do you like the look of MsTioga's re-installed clearance lites?

4PM - Touching up exterior paint.
MsTioga got her 3-color paint job in 2007 at Jose's Fiberglass shop. That was in the City of ConstituciĆ³n in Baja California del Sur. Do you remember that time? Hmmmmm?

We are taking this opportunity to touch up the nicks that have occurred since then. We have three little buckets of paint, one for each color. The paint has thickened up, and needs to be thinned out. But the paint is usable, and does a nice job.

Supper time - Am I going to miss MsTioga?
Tuesday morning when Jonna and Mimi drive me to Cancun for my flight to Miami, I will be leaving MsTioga. And I will not return to MsTioga until the last days of August, four months from now.

Since I brought MsTioga home on February 25, 2003, I have never left her. I've slept in different beds for a short while, but MsTioga was always close.

When my life as a Vagabonder-Supreme began, I had no idea what adventures were before me. No idea what changes would be happening in my life, my emotions, my self-discovery. Beyond my wildest dreams. And it all happened in this tiny home that MsTioga provides for me.

Am I going to miss MsTioga? You bet I am! I love MsTioga. We are pals.
I will definitely miss
MsTioga's kitchen!

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