Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Israel: T - 9 Days!

A first for The Team.
Since MsTioga and The Team began their journey together in 2003, we have always returned to our Home country of the United States each year. This year, 2008, will be a first for The Team.

Jorge, Little Mavicito and Ms. GQ will return to the United States in 2008. However, MsTioga and the rest of The Team will not.

We on The Team are not understanding what is happening here. Not completely. Not yet. But something is going on, that's for sure!
George and MsTioga
Benicia, California February, 2003

7:30AM - MsTioga's rear window leaks.
Yesterday the emergency window was sealed for water leaks. This morning a water hose was used to test the entire window. The window leaks.

When MsTioga was manufactured at the Fleetwood plant, the hole for this window was cut too large. There is a gap between this hole and the window. This gap is located in the upper right [behind the ladder in the pic below].

A few years ago, I repositioned the window to adjust for this gap. However, I now feel that my adjusting and resealing work was not good enough. Also, my sealing of the emergency window is inadequate as well.

We need some help with this window. So, MsTioga is heading up to Playa del Carmen this morning to find a parabrisa store where they fix windshields.
The leaky rear window.

10AM - El Pavo.
In Spanish, El Pavo means The Turkey. And that is the name of the carroceria [body shop] that MsTioga is at to get her rear window sealed.

The mechanic doing our work is Esteban. The asking price for this window sealing job is $1200 pesos. That is a great deal of $money$ in Mexico. Even here in the ritzy Caribbean Maya coast area that is a lot of dough.

I offered to help with the work and countered with $800 pesos. Still a lot of $money$. However, MsTioga needs this work done badly. We cannot afford to have any leaks!

The $800 peso offer is accepted. [$80US]
Esteban cleaning the window frame.

Esteban estimated that this job would take about two hours. Three hours later, the cleaning had been completed and the adhesive sealant is being applied. The emergency window has already been sealed.
Applying the adhesive-sealant.

The window is re-installed, and the window frame/clamp secured with screws. Afterwards, we see that the sealant has squeezed out beautifully all around the outside of the frame. This indicates that a good seal has been made.

We get a hose and test for leaks. The window is water tight!

3PM - La Floresta Taqueria.
Yesterday when Jonna and I went shopping in Playa del Carmen, first we stopped at La Floresta Taqueria. Jonna claimed that this place served the best fish tacos around!

A fish taco at La Floresta costs $15 pesos, and there is enough fish in one taco, to easily make two tacos. A huge bowl of fresh salsa with corn chips arrived at our table first. Everything is sooooo good! The tacos are deep fried with a wonderful light batter that is slightly crunchy.

All today while at El Pavo getting MsTioga's rear window sealed I was thinking about La Floresta. Now I am there. I order two fish tacos with three extra corn tortillas. I am able to make 5 fish tacos from the fish of 2 tacos. Wow! I am sooooooo full. No supper for me tonite!
La Floresta Fish Taqueria in Playa del Carmen.

My fish tacos at La Floresta.

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