Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Little Mavicito wants to make a swimming movie!
That's right! A swimming movie, would you believe?!

We tried and tried and tried to publish our Swimming Movie on Blogger. And the upload kept crashing. So, later this evening we gave YouTube a try!

Our Swimming Movie is a comedy, but even more of a comedy than Little Mavicito and I planned. I am supposed to go into the river, go under the water, and then jump up out of the water waving at Little Mavicito.

I am supposed to stay under the water for maybe 10 seconds, so that you will get the feeling that the video is just about the river. However, the current of the river is very fast, and strong. I am swept downstream a few feet, and cannot get my footing to jump up!

Swimming Movie is supposed to be a surprise when I jump out of the water. Here is what happened instead.....

PS: Do you hear Baby Boid tweeting toward the end of the video? Boid is in his cage, and the cage is hanging from La Señorita's ladder. Little Mavicito is near the ladder doing the video.

Do you think that Boid's tweeting is laughing at me?

Note: I've moved the above Swimming Video story from yesterday to today. The story of yesterday's boat trip to Yaxchilán and back, including our tour of this Mayan archaeological site is just too big. This story needed a post all of its own.

Click on the Yesterday button below to view the Yaxchilán visit story.

3PM - Mr. Chips, on-the-job!
It has been many Moons, since Mr. Chips has prepared our Blog post. However, this afternoon inside Senorita, it is 100 degrees! Ms. GQ's tiny cooling system cannot handle such a temperature, and shut down! Mr. Chips has a huge fan, and has no problem keeping his cool!

This is an excellent test for Mr. Chips. We are finding some things that we need from him, that are not on his hard drive!

4:30PM - Camping here for a 3rd Nite?
It sure looks as if The Team is making our Nite Camp right here next to the Usumacinta River. La Senorita loves it here, because she is able to bathe sooooo easily. The water is only a few feet away.

Jorge loves it here, because the water is so pleasant. Jorge has been seen going in for a dip several times today.

5PM -Sandra from Holland.
A young woman is vagabonding thru Mexico. No tent, no vehicle. Just a large backpack and a lot of courage.

Sandra knocked on La Señorita's door. She asked permission to sleep under our RV for protection against the nite's heavy dew. We talked for awhile, and then invited Sandra for a nice fried salmon supper.

In the pic below, Little Boid tries to beg Sandra for his seeds!