Sunday, April 13, 2008

Señorita Tioga able to withstand hurricane force wind!
At at Team Meeting this morning, La Señorita informed us that she is able to withstand hurricane force winds up to 120 miles per hour.

La Señorita is acknowledged by experts in the field to be the most powerful RV in the history of the World. So it is not a surprise to learn that she fears not even a hurricane!
Not even this GIANT hurricane seen
here approaching the Yucatan!

6AM - Moved for Mr. Sunny's panels.
Early this morning, way before the Sun rose, we moved to the south end of Poblado Nicolas Bravo. Mr. Sunny has about 77 amp-hours of electricity to pump into his battery bank in order to fill up with power.

Up here on this hill with Mr. Sunny's panels tilted, we may receive up to 30 amps per hour [if we are lucky!] when the morning mists clear away.
Do you see Mr. Sunny's powerful panels tilted toward the Sun?

10AM - Invited to visit with reader Kathe.
The Team is heading east toward the City of Chetumal. We have been invited to visit Reader Kathe who lives in the Chetumal area.

Kathe has been on many interesting journeys. Is she an adventuresome woman? You may wish to take a peek at Kathe's website to find out. Go there by clicking [Here].

5PM - Arrive at Maricasa.
Kathe calls where she lives, "Maricasa." This is a beautiful name for her home, which is a beautiful place. Little Mavicito has promised to take pics tomorrow morning to show you "Maricasa". And we shall find out how this place came to be called "Maricasa" as well.

Eating at Señorita Tioga's place!
We offered to prepare supper for Kathe and her friend Jean, and they have accepted! Wow! You may know how much I love to cook. Cooking supper for guests is a special treat for me!

I had planned previous to my arrival at Maricasa, to prepare a fried fish supper, with fried potatoes, squash and onions. Also a vegetable salad. Kathe and Jean seemed to love my cooking, and we ate up everything!
Boid landed on Jean which is
his way of asking for seeds.

Jean & Kathe about to eat supper!

I had never known about making chocolate from cacao beans. But Kathe knows how, and she also knows how crazy I am about chocolate. So, Kathe cooks up a bowl of fresh chocolate for us to eat. It is soooooo good!
As you may see, I am wild about chocolate!

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