Monday, May 05, 2008

10AM - Going shopping.
A few readers have emailed wondering why I've not visited the Old City of Jerusalem yet? The answer is that I am not an ordinary tourist. My life here in Israel is similar to when I was in Mexico. Slow & easy.

This morning for example, I've just finished breakfast. It is 10am, and soon I'm going to "Mahane Yuhuda", a huge outdoor market place.

Now I know the Egged Bus system better. It will be much easier traveling today than yesterday! Breakfast this morning!

11AM - Bus ride to Mahane Yuhuda market.
Israel is a nation in defensive mode. Soldiers, men and women, all must serve 3-years in service for their country. Service is in the police, army, navy or other military.

On our bus ride to Mehane Yuhuda, Little Mavicito captured the pics below of Israelis serving their country.
A zillion armed soldiers.

The pic below is of two women police guards at Mehane Yuhuda market. One did not want her pic taken. However, Little Mavicito was too quick for her!
Women in service in the police.

Mehane Yuhuda Market.
The market place is made up of a zillion aisles filled with stall type stores selling tons of different things.
One of the aisles.

A bread stall.

A ton of halva.
[Sweet middle east confection]

Faces in the crowd.
Little Mavicito is fascinated by the faces that he sees here in Jerusalem's Mehane Yehuda market.
Fruit seller.

A shopper.


Candy and nut sellers.

Underpants story, Chapter 2.
Yesterday I told you about going to the Hamash Bier Deptment Store where underpants were going for $35 shekels each [$10US]. I refused to buy those high-priced underpants, even though the clerk explained that they were very high quality. Hmmmmm?

Today in the Mahane Yuhuda outdoor market, I bought six (6) underpants for $30 shekels or $1.46US/each.

First view of the Old City!

During the mid-afternoon, my feet were getting pretty tired from walking a lot. So, I decided to climb on to the next bus that came down the road to see where it would lead me. You may remember the bus pass purchased yesterday that allows boarding any bus to anywhere in Jerusalem with paying additional fare!

This bus went by an interesting looking park. There were some student groups touring the park. Little Mavicito and I got off to take a peek.

There was a view point across the park. When we got close, we were both surprised to see the Old City of Jerusalem across the valley!
Old City of Jerusalem.


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