Thursday, May 15, 2008

10AM - Heading for the Dead Sea Scrolls [again!].
Yesterday we were not able to see the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit at the Israel Museum. You may remember that President Bush arrived at the Knesset [parliament building] just as we were walking to the museum. The entire area was closed for security purposes.

The Great Isaiah Dead Sea Scroll has not been on exhibit since 1967, so it is a must see for us.

10:30AM - George Bush flies in again!
Just as yesterday, we find that President George Bush has flown into Jerusalem again and is to speak at the Knesset this morning. Wow!

Little Mavicito and I walk over to the Israel Museum just to make sure if it is open or closed. There are police everywhere. When we ask we learn that the Israel Museum is in fact closed. Somebody says that President Bush is going to look at the Great Isaiah Scroll himself this afternoon. Hmmmmm?
Museums are closed.

Flag at the Israel Museum
for George Bush to see.

1PM - Ramot in north Jerusalem.
We have decided to go exploring! We caught the bus at the Israel Museum and went back to the Central Bus Station. We then took a random bus, which turned out to be route #35. We had not taken #35 before! This bus went to the northern part of Jerusalem to a neighborhood named "Ramot."

We got off at the end of the end of the bus route, and Little Mavicito captured the pic below looking back at where our room is located in Keryat Moshe.

In the pic below, do you see the bridge structure, a tall angular thing toward the left? That is where our room in neighborhood Kiryat Moshe is located.
View looking toward Kiryat Moshe
from the neighborhood of Ramot.

Hint: Click once on the pic above to make it big. Click again to make the pic huge!

3PM - Grocery prices.
Back in our neighborhood of Keryat Moshe, we went down to the Mister Zov Grocery to pick up some things. Little Mavicito spotted a breakfast cereal and wanted to share with you.

In the pic below is a box of "Honey Bunches of Oats." This cereal costs $28.95 Israeli shekels [$8.39US]. Isn't this a lot of $money$ for this cereal?
$8.39US for cereal.

5PM - Washing clothes.
When we walk around Jerusalem, many of the apartments have clothes lines outside for drying a wash. Here in my apartment it is the same. There is a nice little washing machine, and a rack-thing for drying my clothes.

When I am not using the drying rack, it folds up and is stored in the corner of my bedroom.
Drying clothes with the rack.


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