Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10AM - How to get to know Jerusalem.
I guess most visitors get to know Jerusalem by going on guided tours. I am now getting to know Jerusalem by a guiding friend! My friend is Shimon Z'evi, who you met just the other day. As you may imagine, I love being guided by my friend, Shimon.

This morning I walked to the bus stop up the hill from my apartment to meet Shimon. He drove up in his car, and we both went exploring Jerusalem together. We drove to a forest, and hiked a short distance up a trail. There in the forest, we spent time sharing ourselves with the other. What a great time!
Hiking up into the forest.

Looking for a place
to sit in the shade.

Here is where we stayed for a
couple of hours, sharing our stories.

Shimon would like to own an RV.

Reader Vicky is a friend of Shimon's who knew of his interest in RVs. That is why Vicky introduced Shimon to me [as I told you a couple of days ago].

It is not likely at this time of life for Shimon that he would buy an RV, especially here in Israel. For some reason, RVs are not used in Israel. However, that does not stop Shimon from dreaming about RVs. And talking to me about his dreams.

1PM - Lunch and the park.
We went out for lunch at a restaurant in the Talpiot Industrial Area. There we went to a not too expensive but nice place with outdoor tables. We shared a hummus plate served with pita breads.

I ordered shawarma in a pita bread with a salad and a coke. My half of the lunch cost $35 shekels [$10.35US] including a tip for the waiter.

After lunch we went to a large park in the southern part of Jerusalem. We could see the Old City and the golden Dome of the Rock across the valley.
Shimon takes a pic from the park.

Shimon and Gershon in the park.

Jewish kids dancing in the park.


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