Friday, May 30, 2008

7:30AM - House 57.
This morning everything at Gershon's apartment was packed up. Food, clothes...the whole works! Out on the street it only took a few minutes to hail a taxi to take me House 57. This is to be my new home for the next 20 days.

House 57 is in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood in northwest Jerusalem. Most of the homes around House 57 are individual homes vs apartment or town homes found in much of the rest of Jerusalem. House 57 is actually the address on Sinai Street [Sinai=Midbar in Hebrew].

This is a Bed and Breakfast place. When I arrived this morning, breakfast was being setup. Different breads, hard boiled eggs, cut up tomatoes and cucumbers. Jams, cream cheese, orange juice, coffee, yogurt. A ton of stuff.

Nobody goes off hungry from breakfast from House 57!

Internet connection.
There is a wireless internet connection in the patio of House 57. I will be making my blog posts in this patio. It is a very lovely place with trees and plants all around. The patio is also the place where breakfast is served.
Ms. Viola and George
at House 57.

3PM - Heading for the airport.
Although Cousin Jacky's airplane does not arrive until 8PM, I am heading for the airport really early. Today is the beginning of the Sabbath, and there is no transportation except taxis later in the day. So, I took an Egged bus to the airport.

It was a cost thing. The taxis cost $60US one-way. And the bus cost only $7US.

At the airport.
I found the Ben Gurion Airport very interesting. Especially the people that I met there, as you may see in the pic below.
Me and former Prime Minister
of Israel David Ben Gurion.

Cousin Jacky arriving
without her luggage!

Hopefully, Jacky's lost suitcase will be delivered to where we are staying in Jerusalem on Sunday. Jacky is very fortunate to be experienced enough to have brought along a change of clothing in her carry-on bag!


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