Sunday, May 18, 2008

9:30AM - Heading to the Dead Sea Scrolls...again!
You may remember that Little Mavicito and I tried to view the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum twice last week. Both times we were stopped by security for President Bush's visit to Israel.

Well, President Bush is gone now, so we are trying once more. Also, while we are in that neighborhood, we will try to visit the Knesset where the government of Israel meets. Maybe they will be in session?!

10:30AM - Asking for guidance.
As I was walking thru a park just before arriving at the Israel Museum, I was asking G-d for some guidance. I do not ask G-d for many things. I was asking not only for myself, but for somebody else. I did not know who that somebody else is. But I wanted G-d to lead me to meet, and perhaps to help this other person.

This may sound very strange to you. I may only imagine how strange. However, strange as it may seem, I did meet this other person. First thru an email, and then in a phone call. And in fact, I have a date to get together with him tomorrow morning!

He lives right here in Jerusalem, and his name is Shimon Z'evi. And this means that you shall meet Shimon also. Isn't this the greatest thing? Hmmmmm?

The Shrine of the Book.
As we enter the Israel Museum, a fascinating scene unfolds. A beautiful white dome shaped building with water showering over it. And then a dark obelisk.

The white dome represents "the sons of light" as the Dead Sea persons referred to themselves. The black obelisk represents "the sons of darkness", their enemies.

Little Mavicito and I are overcome by joy at this scene. And we do not even know why we feel this way! So, Little Mavicito begins to shoot the video below in order to share with you how we feel!

Entrance to The Shrine of the Book

The Hebrew words...
Shalom chavervim = "Good bye friends"
L'hitraot = "hope to see you again"

The Scrolls!
Behind the dark obelisk is a flight of stairs. We go down these stairs searching to find the exhibit of the scrolls. These scrolls are the earliest source of the bible, as we understand it.

The room is darkened, to protect the priceless scrolls.

Of course we are not permitted to take pics down here. However, we found an image on the net to share with you. Are you able to read it? Hmmmmm?
A portion of The Psalms Scroll.


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