Friday, May 02, 2008

9:35PM - Tel Aviv.
The El Al flight to Israel was terrific. There was no air turbulence. Not even once! The plane landed exactly on time.

The ATM eats my card.
The first thing needed is to get some Israeli $money$. In the air terminal is an ATM machine from Bank Hapolim. Using my Bank of America ATM card, all goes well until I am waiting for the money to come out of the machine.

My card comes out, and then goes back in. But no $money$. I do not know what to make of this. Then the card comes out a second time, and still no money! Then the card goes in a third time, and the terminal tells me:
Your card has been retained.

Wow! What is this? I find out later that in order to get the money, I have to remove my ATM card. If I do not remove the card, the machine "eats" it because it figures that I have forgotten my card. I try using another ATM card, this time removing the card when it first appears. I get my money.

11AM - Taxi van to Jerusalem.
Now I am looking to find a taxi van, to go to Jerusalem. Leaving the terminal I see a bunch of these vans. One van driver asks where I am going and I show the address of Gershon Mendlovitz, the fellow from whom I am renting a room.

This van is filled with passengers. I am the last person to board.

12 Noon - My room in Jerusalem.
The taxi van takes me to the neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe, a residential neighborhood filled with many apartment houses.
My room is on the 2nd floor.

George in Jerusalem
My room is at the green arrow

6PM - The sabbath.
The entire country of Israel shuts down for the sabbath. Business and stores begin to close during the early afternoon on Friday, and do not re-open until Sunday.

You may remember that my plan was to travel to Israel with only the clothes on my back. Then, I would immediately go shopping for more clothes. Not on the sabbath, however! I will have to wait until Sunday to go shopping!
In my room at Gershon's place.

8PM - Supper!
This afternoon, Gershon cautioned me that the nearest grocery would close at 2pm because of the Sabbath. At 1pm, I walked to this grocery, a small store run by the owner. I bought eggs, a potato, tomatoes, banana, orange juice and some frozen salmon.

Little Mavicito took the pic below after I had already taken a few bites. It doesn't look wonderful, but tasted great!
First supper in Jerusalem.

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