Tuesday, May 06, 2008

9AM - House 57.
This morning Little Mavicito and I are catching the bus across the road from our room. We are going to the northern part of Jerusalem to a Bed & Breakfast place called "House 57".

You may have read about my Cousin Jacky coming to Israel at the end of May. I believe that House 57 may be a nice place for us both to stay together while here in Jerusalem.

9:30AM - Got off at the wrong bus stop!
The bus stop to get off to go to House 57 is Levi Eshkol Blvd. However, I misunderstood the bus driver, and got off at the bus stop after Levi Eshkol Blvd. Thinking that I was on the correct road, I followed my hand drawn map to House 57. I walked, and walked, and walked. The farther I went, the more lost I became.

I saw a man going into his car, and asked him where I was [showing him my map]. He spoke a little English, and said to me, "Get in, I will take you there."

Wow! Isn't this the greatest thing?!

11AM - A very nice neighborhood.
House 57 is in a very nice neighborhood. Well kept homes. Quiet streets. We followed Midbar Street [Sinai Desert Street in English], and came to House 57.
House 57 in the
Giv'at Hamivtar neighborhood.
[North Jerusalem]

Both Little Mavicito and I were concerned as we went up the many stairs to the office on the top floor of House 57. Cousin Jacky does not do stairs too well. However, after talking with Ilana [owner], we learned that our room is in a nearby home with nice paths for walking!
Jacky and I will live here.

In the pic below are owners Ilana & Dan in the dining room.
Breakfast dining room.
[House 57 is bed & breakfast]

View from House 57 porch.

Cousin Jacky and I plan to use House 57 as our home base. We may have tours away from Jerusalem. And will return here after our tour.

The rental price for 20 days, after discounts, is $1,498US. Jacky and I will share this rental, which means $749/each for a 20 day stay. About $37/day. Pretty good, huh?

1PM - Riding the #4 bus.
A couple of long blocks from House 57 is the Egged [Eh-gehd] bus #4 stop. We waited there for only a few minutes, and up drove the #4. Many of the Egged buses are articulated, having a joint in the middle connecting two buses. This #4 is articulated.

While driving along, we met two young Israeli boys, maybe 12 years old. One of these boys had a bus pass holder, and I asked him where he got it. Right away he asked the bus driver if he had a holder, and apparently the driver did not have one. So, this boy took out his pass and gave the plastic holder to me!

Isn't this the greatest thing? Hmmmmm?

2PM - The Old City.
Little Mavicito and I have decided to go to the Old City of Jerusalem! The #4 bus from House 57 goes along Jaffa Street, and our map shows the Old City close by. We meet lady on the bus who speaks great English [a professor at a Jerusalem university] and she gives us directions to the Old City.

Soon we are at the Jaffa Gate!
Jaffa Gate into the Old City.

Arab/Muslims and Jews together!
Both Little Mavicito and I are shocked as we walk into the Old City. Everywhere are Arabs/Muslims and Jews. Side by side. Working and shopping together. Hmmmmm?
Muslim lady with her child.

Two Muslim men on David Street.
[Old City]

Shop keeper on David Street.

Western Wall of the Temple.
After coming to the end of David Street, Little Mavicito and I made our way thru the many passages leading to the Western Wall of the Temple [Link]. Some passages are very low, and we have to duck to pass under. All is made of solid rock. Heavily armed soldiers and police guards are everywhere as we walk.

In the pic below, Little Mavicito has captured both the Western Wall of the Temple and the Dome of the Rock [Link].
View looking east from high above the Western Wall.
Dome of the Rock is gold on the left.

We found this link to a video of the Western Wall showing men praying at this most holy Jewish site. It is a beautiful video, it seems to me.


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