Saturday, May 03, 2008

9AM - Morning walk in Jerusalem.
It is Saturday, and in Jerusalem Saturday is the Sabbath. The 4th Commandment in the bible is to "Keep the Sabbath day holy." In Israel the entire country is shut down on the Sabbath. No busses run, nearly everybody is off work.

Little Mavicito and I take a walk around the neighborhood. We have a package to mail, and head up to the nearby Renaissance Hotel in order to post it. The streets are relatively empty of traffic as we walk toward the hotel.
Renaissance Hotel - Jerusalem.

Little Mavicito wants to take a pano pic from the upper floors of the hotel. So, we take the elevator to the 12th floor and look out the hallway window.
Looking southwest from Renaissance Hotel.

Street signs, bus signs, nearly all of the road signs of Jerusalem are in Hebrew and English. It is relatively easy to get around Jerusalem if you know where you are going.
Hebrew/English construction sign.

Why have I come to Israel?
Awhile back it occurred to me that if I am able to afford to live in the USA and Mexico, that I may be able to live anyplace.

And so, I have come to live in Israel for three months. My options opened up in my mind, and I exercised them.

If not now, when?
Near my room in Jerusalem.

West Jerusalem.
This afternoon, I went walking to the northeast. Just exploring. While resting in a small playground, I met a man who told me that I was not in East Jerusalem as I had thought, but in West Jerusalem. In fact, my room is close to the entrance road from Tel Aviv.

I am going to have to reposition my location in the Google maps below.

Why does Israel have no roads?
My GPS has not locked on to my location here in Israel. So, I am trying to find where my room is located in Jerusalem using Google maps. However, I was surprised to find that Google maps does not show any roads in Jerusalem.

If you click on the Google Map below, you may see that this map shows no roads in all of Israel. In fact, no cities are shown in Israel.

Egypt to the west has roads and cities. Jordan to the east has roads and cities. Syria and Lebanon have roads and cities. Only Israel, in all of the Middle East, has no roads and cities.

Why would that be? Hmmmmm?
No roads or cities in Israel.

Note posted in 2010: As you may see in the pic above, the Google Map in 2008 showed no roads inside Israel. You may view roads in Jordan to the right and Egypt to the left. Just Israel was condemned to have no roads shown in maps. Why would Google do that?

However, sometime after May, 2008, Google decided to allow roads to be shown in the maps of Israel. If you now click on one of my Google Map links below, you will see roads inside Israel.


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