Saturday, May 10, 2008

The cost for me to live in Israel.
I was traveling in Mexico about three months ago, when I first began to dream about the idea of going to Israel. It seemed to me then, that I might be able to live in Israel for less cost than I now live & travel in MsTioga. I still don't know if this cost thing is true or not, but it seems as though it might be.

If it turns out that I am able to live in Israel for less than the cost of living and traveling in MsTioga, a ton of options open up.

Would I be able to live in other countries as I am now doing in Israel? Maybe for three months each year in another country? Hmmmmm?

Tiny cars.
We wondered how the people of Jerusalem are able to drive all over the place, with gasoline selling here for $7.30/gallon+. This afternoon, Little Mavicito and I walked the residential neighborhood behind our rented room. We looked at a lot of the cars parked there.

The cars are soooooo tiny. And nearly all of them have 4-doors. Maybe these tiny cars get 30 miles per gallon? That would still be 24 cents [US] per mile. That's still a lot of $money$.

Note: This being Saturday, no buses are running and all of the stores in Jerusalem are closed. From Friday nite at sundown to Saturday at sundown is Shabbat [the Sabbath]. No work is done.

So, Little Mavicito and I may only walk around our neighborhood.

Ms. Viola.
Did we mention that our new laptop is Ms. Viola? She is named Ms. Viola because she is a Sony VAIO laptop computer [Model VGN-NR330E].

We think that we will shorten her name to Ms. Vi or Ms. V or maybe simply MsV. What do you think? Hmmmmm?
George & Ms. Vi
in our Jerusalem room.

Losing readers.
My SiteMeter [counter] and some emails received tell me that I am losing readers. My journey to Israel is not interesting to some readers. These readers prefer my travels in the USA & Mexico. Hmmmmm?

I would love for my readership statistics to keep climbing thru the roof! Last month in April, 2008, there were 91,116 visitors to my website. Pretty neat, huh? For this current month, my stats may be down 10,000 readers. Wow! That's a lot!

Sharing with you what I am doing is in my blood. I love to share soooooo much! And if you are not as interested in my Adventures in Israel as you were with my Adventures in Mexico and the United States, I invite you to check in once in awhile to share what is going on!

Taxi cabs in Jerusalem.
It is a mystery to me how taxi cab drivers earn a living here in Jerusalem with gasoline prices soooooooo high. There are so many cabs! Just astounding.

In the pic below, every white car that you see in front of this bus that I am on, is a taxi cab!
All of these white cars are taxi cabs!


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