Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dead Sea Scrolls.
Readers have posted in the ShoutBox and in email, wondering if we were planning to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls [Link] put on temporary display this week at the Israel Museum. Yes! We are going this morning!

It turns out that the Israel Museum is about a 1/2 hour walk from our room. Just walk up the street to the Renaissance Hotel and follow along Rupin Blvd.

Little Mavicito captures George Bush arriving in Jerusalem!

12 Noon - Walking the Kidron Valley.
You may remember that a few days ago we visited the Kidron Valley. The road thru Kidron Valley runs below and just a bit to the east of Old City Jerusalem.

This morning we walked the Kidron Valley road until it changed from paved, to dirt. This must have been what the ancients saw as they walked here.

Maybe King David, Solomon even the Prophet Abraham strolled this road. Even Jesus may have walked here!
On the Kidron Valley road
looking at the Mount of Olives.

3PM - Mahane Yehuda Market.
Have you noticed that we come to Mahane Yehuda [Link] a lot? It is soooooo interesting here. So many different kinds of people walking by, shopping and browsing.

Jerusalem seems to be a huge mixing pot of people from all over the World. And most of them are Jewish people, many wearing the traditional "kipa" head covering. Here at Mahane Yehuda, it is clearly apparent how diverse is the population of Jerusalem.

I am sitting at a table and chair provided, and eating pistachio nuts and baklava. Strange combination? But I love it. I am people watching, and for me, it is a wonderful thing to do!

The fragrance of baked bread wafts thru the air. There are a zillion bakeries here.
A Mahane Yehuda bakery.


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