Friday, May 09, 2008

Gasoline in Israel.
Readers are interested in the price of gasoline in Israel. Little Mavicito captured a pic at a gas station here in Jerusalem. This pic shows the price of a liter of gasoline in Israeli shekels.

If you know how to calculate the conversion to $dollars per gallon, let me know and I will post it here.
Gasoline price per Israeli shekel.

Note: Ohexpress in the ShoutBox posted that the $US price per gallon of gasoline in Israel is $7.36US/gallon. Thank you, ohexpress!

11AM - Bible Lands Museum.

Little Mavicito and I took the Egged Bus to visit Bible Lands Museum. This museum is a remarkable place which tells the story of the entire Middle East with exhibits going back in time 1000s of years!

However, at this time we are mainly interested in Jerusalem. Within Jerusalem we are interested in the Old City. And in the area of the Old City our interest points to the Temple Mount and the City of David.

In the pic below is a Bible Land Museum model of what the Temple Mount looked like at the time of King Solomon. On the left side is the City of David. The right side is the Temple Mount constructed during the time of King Solomon.
The City of David and the Temple Mount at the time of King Solomon.

Note: The arrow on the left points to the Pool of Saloam. The arrow in the middle points to the Gihon Spring. Both of these places are mentioned in the bible. Little Mavicito and I plan to visit these two sites.

6PM - Invited for Shabbat.
In Hebrew, the word "Shabbat" means "Sabbath." Later this evening, I am invited for a Shabbat supper at the home of a neighbor. My room mate Gershon and I are going together.

Isn't this the greatest thing?
Flowers that I am
bringing to Shabbat supper.

Note about Sabbath: The bible reads that "No work is to be done on the Sabbath." When Little Mavicito tried to capture pics at the Shabbat supper, we were reminded that the taking of a pic is against the rules of the Sabbath.

So, that is why there are no pics of Shabbat supper.


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