Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last Day at Gershon's apartment.
Today is my last full day living at Gershon's apartment in the neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem! So, Little Mavicito decided to make a video commemorating our stay here. Something for us to look back on for our memories!

My Herzl Boulevard apartment is in the center of things. Buses run along Herzl Boulevard making transportation soooooo easy. The Central Bus Station is only minutes away.

As the first month in Jerusalem closes for me, I feel that I've accomplished my goal of experiencing Jewish life here in the capitol of Israel. Riding the buses all over Jerusalem, talking with people who live here. Visiting the Old City. Praying at the Western Wall of the Temple. Watching people at Mehane Yehuda Market, while eating pistachio nuts.

And the best thing, is that I've made a wonderful friend here in Jerusalem. Shimon Z'evi is a fabulous photographer. I bet that you would like to look at his photo website! [Link]

What a great time!

Last Day at Gershon's


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