Thursday, May 22, 2008

Light rail construction project.
In the middle of Herzl Boulevard which runs in front of my apartment, is part of the Jerusalem Light Rail project [Link].

You may remember that Little Mavicito has taken a few pics of the Chords Bridge located near our apartment. The unusual suspension cables make the bridge appear to look something like a huge harp.
View of Jerusalem Light Rail from my balcony.

11AM - Gilo.
In the southern part of Jerusalem, is the community of Gilo. Little Mavicito and I are busing to Gilo this morning to search for adventure!

3PM - Lost!
We have just arrived back at our apartment in Kiryat Moshe. We never got to the community of Gilo. We got lost!

And, I lost my Death Valley cap on the bus! Wow!

Lag B'Omer.
The celebration called Lag B'Omer is one of joy. As I understand it, the Torah commands the counting of 49 days from the 2nd day of Passover [Exodus of Jews from Egypt] to Shavuot [the day the Torah was given to the Jewish people].

Lag B'Omer is the 33rd day of this counting, and is one of joy. It marks the day that Jewish leader Simon bar Kochba led a revolt against the Romans in 132 AD. This established an independent State of Israel which lasted for three years when the Romans conquered the Jewish state.

Invited for Lag B'Omer celebration.
I've been invited by my friend Shimon Z'evi and his wife Noga, to supper at their home to celebrate Lag B'Omer. After supper, when it is night, we will walk around the neighborhood seeing how many families do their celebration.

It is the custom to light bonfires representing the fires of the army of Bar Kochba. This nite we found many fires in the field behind Shimon and Noga's home.



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