Sunday, May 25, 2008

Malha Train Station.
This morning we are taking the Egged bus to the Malha Train Station in the southern part of Jerusalem. My Cousin Jacky is flying to Israel this coming Thursday. I want to find out if taking the train to Ben Gurion airport is possible.

We take the #17 bus to Malha, which lets us off about 1/2km from the train station. As we are walking, we pass Teddy Stadium where we believe a championship football match was just played.
Teddy Stadium

Malha-Jerusalem Train Station.

Inside, the train station sort of looks like BART [Bay Area Rapid Transit] in California.
Entrance to trains.

We find out that the train goes to Tel Aviv, but not to the Ben Gurion Airport where Cousin Jacky will be arriving. So, we will be taking a bus/taxi to the airport on Thursday.

Jerusalem Mall.
We catch the #18 bus to the nearby Jerusalem/Malha Mall. After looking around in the Office Depot, it seems time to eat lunch. There is a food court here. Little Mavicito captured a pic of Burger King's menu board.

Do you see #1 on the menu board? That's a regular Whopper combo. With the dollar valued today at 30 centsUS = 1 Israeli shekel, that Whopper costs $10.77US! Wow! What a whopper!
Burger King menu.


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