Monday, May 12, 2008

Not an ordinary tourist.
Little Mavicito, Ms. Viola and I are not ordinary tourists. We are here in Israel to experience life as an Israeli. Are we rushing around to see everything like tourists do? No! We are riding around on buses, to get the feel of Jerusalem.

Each morning we get up, answer our email and then make breakfast. Our kitchen has a nice stove and enough counter space. We have a cabinet just for our own things, and 1/2 of the refrigerator/freezer is for our use only.

Breaded and fried potatoes are one of my most favorite foods, and I have been making these potatoes every day since arriving in Jerusalem. I've not been making any meats [bacon/sausage] because this is a kosher kitchen. Cannot mix milk foods with meat foods. I don't know hardly anything about keeping kosher. But I am learning.

Scrambled eggs with onions, some cut up fruit topped with a little yogurt. Orange juice. That's been my breakfast lately. And by the way, the fruit and vegetables here in Israel are top quality. All grown by Israeli farmers, is my understanding. Many farms down by the Dead Sea.

In the pic below, Little Mavicito captures George showing off his fried potatoes.
Making breakfast.

The Jerusalem Mall.
On our map, we see in the southern part of the City of Jerusalem is the Jerusalem Mall. What could this be? Also on our map, we see the Egged bus #21 goes near there.

So, Little Mavicito and I go to the bus stop a block away from our apartment, and head out searching for adventure!

We arrive at a place which appears the end of the bus #21 route! Wow! We ask a lady if she speaks English, and she replies in Spanish. Man-O-Man! Pretty neat, huh?

We ask her where is the Jerusalem Mall, and she tells us that her friend is giving her a lift to a bus stop near the Jerusalem Mall, and offers me a ride. Double Wow with Sugar on it!

A video of the mall.
We are now sitting in the food court at the Jerusalem Mall and I am eating a slice of Sbarro pizza. Little Mavicito gets it in his head to make a video of this place. So, we do!

A video of the Jerusalem Mall


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