Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pita bread and hummus.
When living in Mexico I ate tortillas with my meals. Here in Israel, pita bread is soooooo good!

Yesterday at the grocery there was this irresistible sale on hummus [garbanzo bean dip]. This morning I served myself pita bread and hummus with my breakfast.
Breakfast with pita bread & hummus.

Afternoon visit to Wohl Rose Park.
Little Mavicito and I have walked past Wohl Rose Park a few times, and never walked inside. Today being the Sabbath with no buses running seemed a good day to walk over there from our apartment.

Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel.
The Wohl Rose Park is next to the Knesset [parliament] and Supreme Court of Israel. So, Little Mavicito just had to share pics of these places with you!
Knesset building.

Supreme Court.


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Jerusalem, Israel

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