Monday, May 26, 2008

Questions from readers.
Since I began to search for adventure in Israel, the most asked question from readers has been, "Do you miss MsTioga?" Let me answer that question with a story about what happened today.

Walking around in northwest Jerusalem.
This morning Little Mavicito and I went walking in northwest Jerusalem. This is where Highway #1 heads towards Tel Aviv. We came to an overlook view of a deep valley. Immediately below we see what appears to be a deserted village.

Looking down in that village, I see a ton of places where I could drive MsTioga and make a Camp. MsTioga and I would be able to Camp there all day, and even all nite.

But without MsTioga, I am only able to walk around.
Ton of Camps would be possible
in deserted village of Jerusalem.


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Jerusalem, Israel

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