Friday, May 16, 2008

Yad Vashem

I have gone today to Yad Vashem.
Yad Vashem, a place on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Yad Vashem is dedicated to the preservation of the memory of those who perished during The Holocaust of World War II. And what does "Yad Vashem" mean? These are the words of Isaiah in the bible.

Yad = a place; Shem = a name. "A place and a name," for those who were not given the dignity of a Jewish burial, or any burial at all.

How may I present Yad Vashem to you?
As I walked the corridors of Yad Vashem, a shrine filled with photos and stories of the millions of Jews who were slaughtered during The Holocaust, I wondered how I would be able to present to you? How would I be able to give you the essence of this place?

And then I came upon an exhibit of the actual railroad rails at the killing place called Auschwitz. But not just any rails. These are the rails used to stop the cars which transported those destined for extermination.

These rails are literally, the end of the line inside the death camp.
The end of the line at Auschwitz.


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